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Counter Kassadin

Counter Kassadin

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Kassadin. This champion is very good against AP champions, since his passive makes him suffer 5% of the magic damage. He also has very good skills like his ultimate that helps him to reach or escape from an enemy. But Kassadin like all League of Legends champions has his weakness and here I will show you.

Champions counter Kassadin

Weak Against

Counter Fiora Counter Talon
Counter Vi Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Mordekaiser Counter Heimerdinger
Strong Against

Counter Karthus Counter Veigar
Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Lissandra
Counter Zoe Counter Azir

Tips to face Kassadin

The following champions are the most recommended against Kassadin.


Vi is a champion who destroys armor, as Kassadin is based on protecting his magical stamina from the little armor that Kassadin has will be nothing to bear the damage Vi. If Kassadin tries to escape, I have seen how easily he can achieve it with a quick R, or with his Q.


As we already know Kassadin has better resistance, armor and using Fiora against this will be a great abuse. Fiora can reach Kassadin with her respective Q, and thus put an end to Kassadin.


Since Talon is also AD, it will give you much stiffer, Kassadin, making you want to escape it, but it is not so. The Talon’s E ability allows him to walk through walls to escape or reach his goal from a better position.


Lucian takes advantage of Kassadin’s hand-to-hand attack and throws his E skill to move to a safe area when Kassadin throws his R. If Kassadin throws his R forward, Lucian can throw his ultimate before it carries another teleportation.


This champion is the annoyance of all champions with mobility, despite what he can and can be cured has a great CC that helps a lot. Maokai is the support I most recommend against Kassadin, since he can appear where, try to go to Kassadin with a single skill. Maokai’s W can reach Kassadin if he tries to escape with his R.

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