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Counter Katarina

Counter Katarina

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Katarina. This champion is very fast as she can switch places with her skill E. Also Katarina like all League of Legends champions has her weak points, but here show you what her weak points are.

Champions counter Katarina

Weak Against

Counter Nautilus Counter Darius
Counter Cho'Gath Counter Zac
Counter Fiora Counter Lulu
Strong Against

Counter Karthus Counter Jinx
Counter Nidalee Counter Jhin
Counter Caitlyn Counter Varus

Tips to face Katarina

The following champions are the most recommended against Katarina.


This champion has very good skills against Katarina, who are his Q and R. The Q of Amumu can cancel the ultimate of Katarina and his R. To this champion I recommend Jungle, to camping Katarina and take advantage of her. If Katarina takes too much advantage of her, she can do nothing to anyone, since she won’t have the strength.

Cho gath

Katarina is weak against tanks much more when they have CC. This champion I recommend TOP, since he has very good skills to face Katarina. Q de Cho’gath can help you capture or avoid her supreme ability and her W. Cho’gath has to stay close to the roles, as if Katarina does combo with them she can kill.


In a 1vs1 fight I recommend Diana, this champion can delete any champion role very easy as is Katarina. If Katarina uses her definitive skill against Diana she is just throwing her E, to cancel it. Diana can also help get Katarina, as her ultimate allows her to move on to her enemies.


The skill Draven has that is very good against Katarina is her E. Draven’s E ability can give a side the enemy champions who are hit. If Katarina uses her R this skill can cancel it.


This champion can take from Katarina’s claws any ally. Lulu has many ways to annoy Katarina, since one of her abilities has 2 functions which is her W. W of Lulu can give speed of movement and attack to her ally, but if she is thrown over an enemy is transformed into an animal. This W skill can cancel Katarina’s R when she throws, just like R’s.

Items that counter Katarina

The following items are the most recommended against Katarina.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This object allows you to reduce the speed of movement of the enemy when it is hit by some skill. Katarina is fast, without this item you can’t catch it easily, I recommend to decrease its movement speed.


Zhonyas immunizes the champion he has when he is activated, allowing him to receive no damage or throw anything. If Katarina throws her ultimate this item can avoid this damage and save you from it and thus make her lose this ability.

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