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Counter Kayle

Counter Kayle

This article will be showing me how to counter her, Kayle. This champion is very good in League of Legends, since she has skills that help you to put, kill and help your team, which implies to carry a very easy match. Kayle is a complete champion, as he neutralizes, heals, attacks from a distance and has immunity. But here you will learn how to finish with some champions and recommended tips on how to finish.

Champions counter Kayle

Weak Against

Counter Jarvan IV Counter Anivia
Counter Malzahar Counter Gragas
Counter Annie Counter Xin Zhao
Strong Against

Counter Zed Counter Olaf
Counter Singed Counter Garen
Counter Shen Counter Cho'Gath

Tips to face Kayle

The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing off Kayle. These champions have good skills that neutralize Kayle, to take advantage of her and make the match easier.

Jarvan IV

As we know this champion has great damage equal to great vigour. Jarvan IV is the most recommended against Kayle, since this one mess with the Q-E combo, to damage this one. Jarvan IV can be saved from a dive by Kayle and his jungle, since Jarvan IV has a big R that can use it under the tower and leave it locked to them and leave with his Q-E. If this champion has good items he can delete Kayle, Jarvan IV, if you use the Q-E fast, it may be that Kayle does not give time to launch his R.


Annie at 4 can stun her opponent with any skill but her E. If Annie pokea a Kayle enough she can use a quick active passive R to get her delete. Annie can also escape a dive from Kayle and her ally, as her passive stun-to-many with her W or Q for a single purpose.


Anivia and her skills help a lot to fight Kayle, her Q and can poke Kayle easily. If Kayle wants to do a dive against her she will be practically unsuccessful, if she maintains a good position and good moves. Anivia at the time of a dive can take out her W in combination with Q-R to do evil and make them stay away from Anivia.


This champion and his great pokeo can make things easier to finish off Kayle. Malzahar has good skills like his Q and R, these skills can avoid a launch of Kayle’s utimate, so you can get him to die quickly to this one, without you being able to use your R. Malzahar is also another champion that Kayle can not dive, since he can catch Kayle with an R under the tower or beat a Q so he does not escape with his R.

Items that counter Kayle

The following items have to be used to help facilitate things against Kayle.

Heart of Ice

This item, reduces the speed of attack by 15% for opponents who are on the scale. Kayle has a great attack speed, thanks to its runes, talents or items. This item can help a lot to resist a lot of damage from Kayle, since Kayle damages very fast thanks to this attack speed.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object reduces the magical damage it receives, when what it has is below 30% of its life. When Kayle harms the champion who owns this item, he keeps harming the wick 300+1. If the owner of this item faces Kayle and the item wears out more than 30% of its life, the item increases the attack damage by 20+,+ of 10 spell suction and 10+ life theft by the end of the combat.

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