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Counter Kennen

Counter Kennen

Here I’ll be showing you how to counter her Kennen. This League of Legends champion is very good, as his skills make him very easy to use and do what he uses can carry a match without problems. Kennen is a very complete champion, since his skills have CC, thanks to his passive, giving this a point in favor of the champion to face the others. But here if you show how to end the annoying Kennen.

Champions counter Kennen

Weak Against

Counter Swain Counter Ryze
Counter Jayce Counter Aatrox
Counter Janna Counter Annie
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Poppy
Counter Illaoi Counter Renekton
Counter Volibear Counter Karma

Tips to face Kennen

The following champions are the most recommended to face Kennen.

Lee Sin

This champion I recommend in the jungle, since he has skills that you can take and reach Kennen in any attack attempt. If Kennen tries to get in with his R, Leia Sem also gives you his ultimate skill on paper. When you Read Without you can reach Kennen with your Q and thus kill him. Also Read Can’t get out with your ultimate Kennen W ability.


Kennen, mainly, is a champion who plays TOP online, so I recommend Fiora. This champion has very good skills against Kennen, as is her skill W. Fiora’s skill W, prevents the damage or weakness that tries to glue Fiora to her. Thanks to this skill Fiora can activate it when Kennen glues her R, but drive towards it to neutralize it.


Annie and Kennen have 2 powerful passive remeten CC when they have their full loads. But she’s different, she can hold on and wait for Kennen to attack or she attacks depressively to get Kennen. If Kennen tries to get in with her R, Annie stops, with her passive and thus ends up with Kennen from her distance, without danger.


This is the ADC I highly recommend against Kennen. Varus has great damage from a distance, which can easily wear Kennen out. Also, the R of Varus can stop Kennen from any attack attempt he makes. Varus’s supreme ability, if it impacts Kennen, can neutralize it and thus give Kennen time to run out of ultimate.


I recommend Janna as Support, since you can remove or stop Kennen from any attack attempt. Janna and her skills like her Q and R will return to Kennen when he goes to start a fight. If Kennen catches this champion’s partner, it will be nothing serious for her, but you can come and refer your R to get Kennen and her team out of the area where your ally is.

Itens that counter Kennen

The following items are the most recommended when facing Kennen.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness it is in, what it has when it is activated. If Kennen gets caught with his ultimate or some combo, this item can get you out of there, to avoid getting caught and thus not being able to die.


ZhonyasCuando is activated this object, immunizes you from any attack when it is used. Zhonyas can save you from any CC that has Kennen in its R. When it is activated, this item is not allowed to launch anything, it just leaves you still inoculated.

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