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Counter Kha'zix

Counter Kha’Zix

This League of Legends champion is very powerful, as he has a powerful damage that can delete any role very easily. Kha’zix has very good skills, since his role is to kill and leave, allowing him to be a nuisance in the match. But here I will show you how to counter for the champion and you consider that some champions so that you do not have problems when you are going to face.

Champions counter Kha’zix

Weak Against

Counter Poppy Counter Olaf
Counter Shen Counter Shaco
Counter Lee Sin Counter Hecarim
Strong Against

Counter Ivern Counter Ashe
Counter Kassadin Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Morgana Counter Gragas

Tips to face KhaZix

The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing with KhaZix.

Lee Sin

This is the most recommended jungle champion to face KhaZix. Lee Can’t see KhaZix in R with his Q and E skills. Besides knowing Kha’zix’s location, you can give him a good peel to his allied champion paper by using his ultimate to take it. Read Sem can also steal the forest objects with ease, so that KhaZix loses experience in the game.


This champion has some very good skills to face KhaZix. Poppy’s skill E can send KhaZix somewhere else if he tries to get close. Also her skill W is very good against Kha’zix, as if he tries to fly Poppy activate this skill to bring him down.


This champion can poke KhaZix with ease and prevent him from killing him. Malzahar has an excellent passive that is a shield that absorbs the first basic skill or attack he receives. This passive helps a lot so that Kha’zix doesn’t ganke from the line where Malzahar is. Also this champion has a good ultimate that can stop the opponent when it is used, making Malzahar save his ally role.


This is the ADC I most recommend against Kha’zix, as it has good damage with its Q and good skills to defend itself from Kha’zix. Draven can avoid Kha’zix’s jump with his E ability or prevent Kha’zix from approaching with his invisibility. Draven also improves your speed of movement when you press your W and can return it to throw every time you pick up an axe to thus avoid damage from Kha’zix.


There is no other champion who can give you a better peel your allies, like the one that gives that champion. Alistar, you can push or lift KhaZix when he tries to do a murder. Alistar I recommend you to support him and not to move away from your allied role, since if Kha’zix sees these goals alone, you can take this opportunity and finish them easily.

Items that counter KhaZix

The following items are required when facing KhaZix.

Proclamation of the Ice Queen

This object releases 2 ghosts that seek out nearby enemies to give their location and neutralize them. If the map is dark it’s good to throw this item to see KhaZix when he tries to approach with his R. It’s also good for when he repeats his R and thus see where he is heading.

of Malmortius’ fauces

Malmortius FaucesThis item provides a shield that absorbs magical damage when what you have is 30% of your life. Kha’zix’s passive makes when this invisible one gains a great basic attack that you will need in this additional magical damage on impact.

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