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Counter Kindred

Counter Kindred

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Kindred. This champion is very good, since you can bonus your skills and basic attacks, for each goal you will successfully kill. This passive can increase Kindred’s attack interval for every 4 fighters and increases his skills. It also has a great ultimate that immunizes all champions and heals them when they disappear. But here I’ll show you how to end Kindred.

Champions counter Kindred

Weak Against

Counter Master Yi Counter Fizz
Counter Diana Counter Gragas
Counter Caitlyn Counter Lee Sin
Strong Against

Counter Pyke Counter Jhin
Counter Vi Counter Kayn
Counter Aatrox Counter Zed

Tips to face Kindred

The following champions are the most recommended, to face Kindred.

Master Yi

This champion is the jungle I recommend the most against Kindred, as he can do with the goals set by Kindred very quickly. This champion also has a lot of damage against weak champions like Kindred. If Kindred accidentally launches his ultimate to save himself from Yi, he will have new opportunities to attack and kill the majority.


This champion is very good against Kindred, as she has a good ability that avoids Kindred’s Q ability. Poppy’s W ability prevents any champions from entering with the move, like Kindred’s Q ability, causing him to be immobilized in the air. Also Poppy’s ultimate can take out enemies and stay in Kindred’s ultimate, to reign the cure.


This champion has very good skills against Kindred, but they won’t think ultimate Kindred could avoid ultimate Fizz damage. Kindred’s ultimate can protect the champions who are inside it and gives immunity to all champions who are at the limit of being able to die. So a Fizz combo can damage Kindred a lot and then cover him when his ultimate is done.


This is the ADC champion I recommend the most against Kindred, as her wide attack range allows her to attack without getting too close. Caitlyn’s skills are very good against Kindred as they all do a lot of damage. Also Caitlyn’s skill E allows you to get out of Kindred’s skill W as it can be ejected backwards.


This champion is the support I most recommend against Kindred, as she has very good skills against him. Janna’s supreme skill allows her to throw her enemies back and heal her allies calmly. I recommend launching Janna’s supreme skill when Kindred throws it to him.

Items that counter Kindred

The following items have to be used against Kindred, to maintain a better confrontation.

Call of the Executioner

This object gives serious injuries to enemies who are attacked by the one who possesses it, allowing the healing to be minor. Kindred’s supreme ability, allows immunity and when it dissipates, can heal everyone within its ultimate.

Heart of Ice

Kindred’s items can increase his attack speed greatly and if he has his passive completed, he can shoot from a good area. This object decreases the attack speed of nearby enemies by 5%.


This object immunizes the champions who possess it when it is activated. W and Kindred’s abilities are very dangerous as they can harm the enemies of selected Kindred. I recommend using this object when you see that Kindred’s ghost wolf is going to launch.

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