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Counter Kled

Counter Kled

In this guide you will be showing how to do the counter-a Kled. This is a very good champion, since he has a good passive, he puts a lot of effort into you when we try to kill Kled. But as all League of Legends champions have their drawbacks against other champions here show you which ones are to end Kled.

Champions counter Kled

Weak Against

Counter Shen Counter Pantheon
Counter Poppy Counter Tahm Kench
Counter Singed Counter Jax
Strong Against

Counter Cassiopeia Counter Amumu
Counter Azir Counter Wukong
Counter Shaco Counter Rengar

Tips to face Kled

The following champions are the most recommended against Kled.


Due to the great damage that the champion has and the increase in armor and endurance in your ultimate, you can end up with Kled very easy. Jax recommend Jungle, to help your ally a lot, who is in confrontation with him. The skill E that He helps a lot for when Kled’s passive is destroyed, since if Kled is stunned he cannot complete his passive again.


Poppy is the champion who makes the biggest counter to Kled, since she can destroy her ultimate with just using her W or R. She can also take Kled out of reach of her allies with her E. If she can beat Kled with her E, she can’t finish her passive. It’s highly recommended to finish him, as there’s a counter to his abilities.


This champion can stop Kled and her allies when they’re at their ultimate. Anivia’s abilities that can stop Kled are her Q and W. Q She can help stop Kled while she is at her ultimate and also helps with what is Kled’s passive. Anivia’s W invokes a large wall of ice, which you can remove the step of Kled in your R.


Ezreal can attack with his respective Q to Kled until he can get Kled to fall from his passive. Also when Kled tries to start a battle with his ultimate Ezreal he moves to one side with his E.


This champion is the support I most recommend against Kled, as she has excellent skills against him. If Kled tries to start a battle with R, Nami only throws R in the direction from where Kled’s ultimate comes from. Also the Q and R of the past helps that Kled does not get his passive again.

Items that counter Kled

The following items have to be used against Kled in order to fight without problems.

Presagio de Randuin

This object reduces critical attack by -20% and reduces the attack speed of the invader by 15%. This object is very good for what is Kled’s E ability. The E of Kled skill increases your attack speed and the 4th hit is a great damage.


This item immunizes and does not allow the possessor to bid anything in this process. If you are tired of being hit by Kled’s ultimate, this item will help you avoid this great ability. This will allow Kled to move forward without rocking his goal.

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