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Counter Kog'Maw

Counter Kog’Maw

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Kog’Maw. This League of Legends champion is one of the most powerful shooters, who has great damage and long distance skills that help maintain a good position. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions, to be able to face Kog’Maw without problems.

Champions counter Kog’Maw

Weak Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Yasuo Counter Bardo
Counter Akali Counter Jinx
Strong Against

Counter Graves Counter Corki
Counter Varus Counter Olaf
Counter Vayne Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips for countering a Kog’Maw

The following champions are the most recommended, to keep a good match against Kog’Maw.

Maestro Yi

This champion I recommend jungle, so I can camouflage the line where Kog’Maw is and destroy him. Kog’Maw is a champion without mobility, allowing this champion to reach him with his ultimate and I count on his great damage. Master Yi’s Q ability can help to avoid Kog’Maw’s passive, whenever and wherever he has a place to throw it. Also, the W Yi skill can help him withstand that passive.


Irelia’s passive is very good against Kog’Maw as he can neutralize with his E. Irelia’s passive increases the incapacity of enemies and reduces her incapacity, but if they outnumber her, the greater the incapacity for enemies and much less for her.


This is the killer I most recommend against Kog’Maw, since he has no circulation, making him easy prey for Akali. The great magical damage this champion has is very terrible and besides good damage, it has a good reach in its ultimate. I recommend to be able to catch Kog’Maw, since he has a good attack range.


Jinx’s W ability, if he can beat Kog’Maw, can slow him down and attack quite easily. If Jinx wins a fight against Kog’Maw and his passive can die, there’s no need to fear it, as Jinx’s passive allows him to gain speed of movement from every fall, murder or assist.


This champion can annoy Kog’Maw on the line, as he won’t be able to evade Blitzcrank’s Q ability. I recommend this support as they can freeze the line so Kog’Maw can’t kill minions. Also with Blitzcrank you can play very aggressive against Kog’Maw as he can’t get out of his claws.

Items that counter Kog’Maw

The following items have to be used against Kog’Maw, to maintain a better confrontation.

of Malmortius’ fauces

Kog’Maw’s abilities can cause magical damage when they hit his enemies, such as his Q, W and R. This object allows him to get a magical resistance shield, which can withstand 300+1 of magical damage, when it reaches -30% of his life.

Heart of Ice

This object reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 5%. Kog’Maw’s W skill and its items can increase his attack speed, but with this object reduce a little, so they don’t cause so much damage in a short time.


Kog’Maw’s abilities are quite long distance and this can help him assassinate an enemy from a good area. But here I recommend this object, to be inoculated when Kog’Maw tries to asesinate you.

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