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Counter Leblanc

Counter LeBlanc

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Leblanc. This League of Legends champion has a lot of magical damage and skills that help him to delete a very easy paper champion. In the book, he is very good against paper champions, that’s why he wins the lines and battles. But as all champions have their weaknesses and here show you what the weaknesses of Leblanc are.

Champions counter Leblanc

Weak Against

Counter Galio Counter Lissandra
Counter Cassiopeia Counter Katarina
Counter Twisted Fate Counter Diana
Strong Against

Counter Irelia Counter Tristana
Counter Morgana Counter Vel'Koz
Counter Akali Counter Yasuo

Tips for countering a Leblanc

The following champions have to be used to face Leblanc.

Master Yi

If you love the forest and don’t know which champion to use against Leblanc, I recommend Master Yi. This champion and his powerful basics conflict with Leblanc very easily. He too can disappear or dodge Leblanc’s abilities with his Q. The skill Q Yi, can dodge Leblanc’s Q,W or E, and can also maintain the Leblanc combo with his skill W.


This champion can handle the Leblanc combo with just using a skill that is her W. Fiora’s W skill immunizes her from basic damage or skills, giving her an edge against Leblanc. In addition to taking Leblanc’s damage, she also has a great ultimate that marks her goal, letting her know who the real Leblanc is.


This champion can face, in the Book, without much trouble, since he has a lot of life and excellent skills against her. If, in the Book, he tries to approach with his W this also launches his W to force him to stick it. When Gallium sticks his W after the Book is released she then takes her skill And when Leblanc wants to return to his W skill zone.


This is the ADC champion I highly recommend against Leblanc, as she can avoid a lot of damage with her E. The skill E de Sivir helps her that, in the Book, does not eat her, since this skill disappears the first skill that touches her turning her into a sis. Also its wide range of attack that helps it to stay in a safe area.


This support can give you a good peel to your team when talking about a Leblanc. Lulu can protect and prevent damage to a partner or herself in the Book. Lulu’s supreme skill, gives him plenty of life for the champions that will be released this skill. This helps that Leblanc cannot delete a champion paper.

Items that counter Leblanc

The following items have to be used against Leblanc.

Fauces de Malmortius

This item provides a shield that carries 300+1 of magical damage when what stops it reaches -30% of life. The Leblanc combo is very powerful, but thanks to this item, this great damage cannot be deleted. I recommend champion AD papers.


This object immunizes the champions it has when it is activated. When you see that in the Book you are going to do the combo, it is important that you activate this item at the moment. This will help Leblanc have to do the combo one more time, or dodge her skills.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item removes any CC that has what you have when it is activated. If, in the Book, it attaches to your AND this item can take you off this CC and save the life of a combo. It’s very necessary for ADC champions or killers.

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