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Counter Lee Sin

Counter Lee Sin

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Lee Sin. This champion and his skills make him very popular, since the gank can be very perfect. He is also very good against champions who use invisibility, since his skills like Q and can mark enemies and give their whereabouts. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions can face you without problems.

Champions counter Lee Sin

Weak Against

Counter Udyr Counter Trundle
Counter Garen Counter Heimerdinger
Counter Vladimir Counter Riven
Strong Against

Counter Twitch Counter Ivern
Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Akali
Counter Jarvan IV Counter Kha'Zix

Tips to face Lee Sin

The following champions are the most recommended to face him.


This champion has a vigor and skills to help him hit with great damage. Lee Sin will never win a match against Udyr as Udyr gains a lot of attack speed and movement. Udyr can stun Lee Sin when he tries to launch with his Q, where an ally of his.


This champion can avoid any Lee Sin gank, save her allies, or she can save herself from Lee Sin’s claws. Poppy’s W ability can stop enemies who want to enter with a sudden shift. Poppy can be near his ally, who has been hit by Lee Sin’s Q, and activate his W when he tries to enter.


This champion is another who can avoid a relatively easy Lee Sin gank, as he has a great skill that grants immunity. If Lee Sin tries to catch with his Q Vladimir, he only plays his W skill to become a pool of blood and avoid this skill. Lee Sin will never focus on Vladimir whenever and when Vladimir does not have his W.


Caitlyn’s W skill allows you to set a small trap that traps and attacks with a great basic attack for those who step on it. If Lee Sin catches Caitlyn with her Q, she can only place a small trap in the area where Lee won’t come.


This champion can give you a good peel your allies from Lee Sin’s claws, since Janna is a “Disengage” champion. The Q skill, or Janna’s supreme skill, can stop enemies who approach with “Engage” skills. I recommend Janna as a support, so you can protect your computer from Lee Sin.

Itens counter de Lee Sin

The following objects are the most recommended to face Lee Sin.


This object allows the champion you possess to be inoculated when you turn it on. If Lee Sin tries to glue a Q, this object can help to avoid this ability. Also if you Read Without kicking your partners, this object can prevent them from damaging you in a moment.

Night Ridge

This object, when channeled, gives a shield that prevents the first ability that touches what it has. If you’re in combat, you won’t be able to channel this item, so you have to get out and run while the preparation time is still running. Lee Sin you won’t be able to get it with your Q if you have this object active.

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