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Counter Leona

Counter Leona

Here I’ll be showing you how to counter her Leona. This champion is one of the best supporters in the League of Legends, as she has a great CC and a great E that can move towards an enemy. But as all League of Legends champions are not perfect, here I will show you how to win Leona very easy.

Champions counter Leona

Weak Against

Counter Janna Counter Morgana
Counter Thresh Counter Olaf
Counter Lulu Counter Alistar
Strong Against

Counter Sona Counter Caitlyn
Counter Varus Counter Nautilus
Counter Sett Counter Blitzcrank

Tips to face Leona

The following champions are the most recommended against Leona.


This champion has a great shield that immunizes from the CC for the champions she has put on it. If Leona catches an ally of Morgana she can save him with the shield and also stop the enemies with her Q or R. If Leola catches an ally of Morgana it will not be so viable, since if Morgana is there she can stop the enemies from damage with her Q or R.


If you don’t know what ADC to use against Leona, I recommend this champion called Ezreal. This champion can deflect Leona’s E o R with just using his E. E for Ezreal teleports him to a small location like lightning. Not only can you dodge, you can also mercilessly poke Leona from a good area.


This champion can give you an excellent peel your allies when Leona and her team try to catch them. Janna can protect her allies with her skill and provide them with a shield. You can also stop Leona, with her Q when she gets her E, if Leona gets an ally from Janna she can take out the enemies with her ultimate and prevent the asesinen.


This champion can reach his goal without being stopped, since his ultimate does not allow him to receive CC. If Olavo tries to kill Leona’s allied ADC, he can’t stop, since you can go on without stopping when you activate your R. Olaf jungle is highly recommended, since his gank can be excellent against a Leona. I advise you to use the R Leona if you get the Q or R arrested.


Poppy can save his friend who was arrested by Leona, with his R. Poppy’s ultimate, is that he prepares his hammer to hit the ground and send his enemies to the other side. This would help keep enemies away from Leona’s team. Also, Poppy’s W skill counters Leona’s E skill, as he can stop her if she glues this skill.

Items that counter Leona

The following items have to be used to face Leona.


This object can immunize what you have when it is activated. It is very necessary to use Zhonyas, to avoid Leona’s supreme ability. Zhonyas has to be used the moment lewis goes to puncture your ultimate.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any CC that gives you what you have when it is activated. If Leona catches herself with her Q or R, this object can get you out of this terrible situation. It’s highly recommended for killer champions or ADCs.

Lord Dominik’s Priest

This item grants +20% physical damage to all champions who have it, when they attack the enemies who have more life. If you want to kill Leona, this item can help a lot to wear out her life, since this item is a tank kill.

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