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Counter Lillia

Counter Lillia

We can start by explaining that Lillia is an AP champion who is characterized by her skills in CC and area, has the ability to quickly clear her jungle and steal the jungle from her opponent. Lillia can also go to the top, so we’ll explain how to counter-attack depending on the line she’s going, but first we’ll give some essential tips to counter-attack this champion.

Champions counter Lillia

Weak Against

Counter Trundle Counter Rengar
Counter Evelynn Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Nunu Counter Xin Zhao
Strong Against

Counter Gragas Counter Sejuani
Counter Nocturne Counter Shyvana
Counter Amumu Counter Zac

Essential tips to combat Lillia

No matter which line you go to, try to put at least one wing in the places you think Lillia can enter like a jungle or also try to put at least one wing in one of the areas of your jungle, because it is very important to try to deduce your location, because she can clear the jungle quickly and go and get a line or go and steal in the jungle of the enemy and knowing your approximate location will allow you to anticipate your possible movements.

Always avoid being hit by your E, which is a kind of energy ball, that hurts and slows you down, it can be quite effective to catch you or start a gang together with an ally.

With Q she turns and causes damage to the area, however she does real damage to those who are injured by the edge, it is important to keep this in mind when facing her.

Avoid being grouped with your team when you are doing team fights, as your ulti in the area where she is thrown to sleep and when she is awake she causes a lot of additional damage.

Lillia Jungle’s counter champions

Lee sin

With Lee sin you can get in and out of Lillia’s reach, which allows her to avoid her abilities very easily, as well as steal her monsters from the jungle thanks to Lee’s heights without and also on TF to take her out of the reach of those most vulnerable to her.


With the ulti of Gragas you can do a lot of damage to it and take away with the TF with your ulti, more with your W you can reduce the damage received from Lillia.


Both in the jungle and at the top, Sett can beat Lillia very easily, because in addition to supporting much more, she has more damage, more CC and a shield that can reserve her for when Lillia will cause much damage.


This champion also clears the jungle very quickly and is very well-known for his dragon suns, so he can take advantage of you to get targets very easily.

Lillia Top counters champions


Although it can be a bit tricky at first, Tryndamere, thanks to its irregular damage, can beat Lillia by 1v1.


Thanks to her livelihood and the damage she has, she is a champion with whom you can easily beat Lillia, because, for example, she bites on the ladder with more damage and resists than she does, which allows you to pull her, play her ulti and eliminate her.


He can constantly sting her from the start and make her lose a lot of farm and therefore get many advantages, not to mention that Gnar is a tank champion and Lillia will not be so easy to take the kills.

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