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Counter Lucian

Counter Lucian

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ADC in the League of Legends, for its high capacity to resist the lines and to pressure the enemies, nevertheless, this content is a guide of how to do the counter-fire Lucian.

Champions counter Lucian

Weak Against

Counter Braum Counter Draven
Counter Fiora Counter Rengar
Counter Quinn Counter Taliyah
Strong Against

Counter Kai'Sa Counter Varus
Counter Nasus Counter Xayah
Counter Kalista Counter LeBlanc

General tips to do counter Lucian


The support Braum is one of the main champions who can counter with great ease, Lucian, because with his shield he can block Lucian’s shots, especially his ulti. No doubt, if used correctly Braum this could leave Lucian very bad throughout the match.


Tristana besides being a champion also high range, which gives you the facility to take care of Lucian’s skills, also has its ulti that you can use to interrupt Lucian’s ulti.


With Caitlyn you can make life impossible in the face of lines, because you can fill your side of Caitlyn’s traps, thus hindering your free mobility.


Draven can with his axes can this, the ulti a Lucian with his skill (E) called “retreat”, thus very easily losing his most important skill, besides that Draven has much more damage than Lucian and also has a mobility ability that helps him to emperize himself better in this aspect.

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