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Counter Lux

Counter Lux

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Lux. This champion is very good and very easy to use, as she can fight an enemy thanks to her Q skills. The Q Lux skill immobilizes the target that has been impacted in order to make the combo easier. But here I’ll show you how to counter Lux.

Champions counter Lux

Weak Against

Counter Xin Zhao Counter Pyke
Counter Gragas Counter Master Yi
Counter Fiora Counter Vel'Koz
Strong Against

Counter Ryze Counter Karthus
Counter Mordekaiser Counter Heimerdinger
Counter Annie Counter Lissandra

Tips to face Lux

The following champions are the most recommended against Lux.


The champion, but the counter-de Lux, since, with his wall can avoid or stop the Q, E and W de Lux. Plus Yasuo has a passive shield that can protect him. Lux, especially, needs to hit all his skills to be able to eliminate an enemy with the W shield and Yasuo’s passive shield with Lux becomes very difficult to finish him off.

Also, Lux is a champion who has no mobility and can handle very little, so with Yasuo you can approach him unplugging, using the minions and kill quickly with the hurricane followed by ulti and another Q + ignite to ensure the kill.


This champion is very good, from the forest to face Lux, since you can reach it and avoid Q it with just using a skill that is your W. The Night skill W can prevent him from being touched by some first skill that throws Lux. As Lux is slow he can’t get out of the night clutches, as it increases his speed of movement with his Q.


Although this champion can avoid the Q de Lux with just press her skill Q can also avoid the damage of Q,E or R Lux with just using her W. If in a particular case Lux tries to fight the Fiora is just throw her skill W, to avoid all this damage and thus survive. Also this ability can save you from Q de Lux.


Vel’koz doesn’t need to drill enough to be able to do it or to poke, since it can do it in a better position. If Lux gets the Speed Koz it won’t be useful, as if she tries to fight the Speed Koz, he can change it equally.


Sivir is an ADC who can take care of Lux by himself, since he has a great ability, which is his E. Sivir’s E makes mana the first skill that touches her.


Besides having a very good passive of a great CC, it also has a great ability, which can save lives. And Braum can save Lux’s goal from any skill or his passive in basic attack. And Braum can’t stop Lux’s ultimate, but if Q, W and E. If I recommend him to take Lux and to defend his own.

With Yasuo it’s very easy to win the Lux, since Yasuo, with his wall of wind can block him 3 of his abilities, which are from his Q, W and, thus avoiding that Lux can perform his combo. Moreover, the Lux is a champion with little mobility and Yasuo by having the maximum mobility, can dodge the skills and it becomes very easy to kill her.

Items that counter Lux

The following items have to be used in order to face Lux.

of Marmoltius’ fauces

This object prevents 300+1 of magical damage when what it has, it can have -30% of life. If Lux eats a champion who has this item, he won’t be able to do the great damage he thinks you can do. So I recommend this item, but in AD champions.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item can remove any weakness in what you have when it is activated. If Lux has you stuck with your Q you can get out thanks to this item without any problems. It is very necessary for ADC champions or killers.


Zhonyas may leave you immune to what you have when it is activated, but it does not allow you to cast spells or anything else while Zhonyas is activated. You have to wait for the exact moment when Lux is going to do the combo, so you lose everything when you activate it.

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