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Counter Malphite

Counter Malphite

Malphite is one of the most feared champions of the League of Legends, as he has a great power to delete when it goes very well in the match. This great rock, like all League of Legends champions, has its weak point, becoming a piece of rock when confronted with champions that counterean it. Next I’ll show you which champions will counter Malphite and some advice that will help you in the game.

Champions counter Malphite

Weak Against

Counter Mordekaiser Counter Trundle
Counter Yorick Counter Rumble
Counter Illaoi Counter Zac
Strong Against

Counter Talon Counter Tryndamere
Counter Xin Zhao Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Jax

Tips to face Malphite

These are the champions I recommend the most when it comes to ending Malphite. Clubs have great skills that become immune against Malphite.


He has good stamina against this and good ice skills. As we know Malphite is slow in his mobility, against him, he will be slower than a turtle, making him spend his utimate unnecessarily to escape.


Rumble is also very good against Malphite, as Malphite is body to body and slow, is a point in favor of Rumble, as it has a large R that causes magical damage that is +30 of skill power, causing much more damage when time passes 130/185/240 of damage to what is in your area of R, also decreases mobility to what is in your area. This utimate ends all League of Legends body to body without mobility.


This destroys bones is very strong against Malphite, as Illaoi farmea fast and resists in line makes no body-to-body finish it very easily. Illaoi waits for Malphite to launch his e and R and end it in a simple shock of utimate. If you use this champion you arm her properly, so that you take much advantage of the Malphite.


This champion has good skills to face Malphite, Yorick with his Q causes damage and healing, even when it impacts, and the little damage that Malphite does to the champions is nothing against this. Yorick with his W can play him when Malphite throws his R. This is a waste of time for Malphite to keep moving forward.

Items counter Malphite

Rylai crystal scepter

This item is very good against Malphite, as it neutralizes the mobility of those who are hit by some magician’s skill. This helps a lot when Malphite this in a situation without R will be very easy to finish Malphite being slower.

Ridge of the night

If the item is used very well be immunized from the R of Malphite to the one who has it. This item is highly recommended for adc or killer papers.

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