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Counter Malzahar

Counter Malzahar

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Malzahar. This is a very powerful and disturbing League of Legends champion, as his skills are very good. Malzahar is a jewel of great value, since you can take with different ways of playing against another opponent, but here I will show you how to finish him.

Champions counter Malzahar

Weak Against

Counter Morgana Counter Viktor
Counter Ziggs Counter Pantheon
Counter Gangplank Counter Galio
Strong Against

Counter Akali Counter Kayle
Counter Ekko Counter Zed
Counter Ahri Counter Yasuo

Tips to face Malzahar

The following champions are highly recommended against Malzahar.


This champion can save her allies from Malzahar’s ultimate, as she can cancel that ability with her Q or R. If Malzahar is in combat with an ally of Vi and at the moment Malzahar launches her R, this champion can stop Malzahar very easily. It is highly recommended, to avoid this uncomfortable ultimate of Malzahar.


This champion takes Malzahar’s advantage in everything, since if Malzahar catches a Gangplank ally with his R this can damage with his barrels. He also has this advantage against Malzahar, he can also get out of Malzahar’s ultimate without problems, thanks to his Gangplank W. removes any weakness he finds himself in when it is activated.


If, in the given case, you play with a Malzahar who knows how to play Morgana, it becomes more difficult for Q, since Malzahar puts his minions in front for Morgana faye. But Morgana has another solution, she can also enter with her shield (E) and catch it with her ultimate. Morgana with this ability, E leaves Malzahar at a disadvantage, since she won’t be able to catch her ultimate.


This champion is the one I recommend the most as ADC against Malzahar, since she has a great ability, which prevents any ability of Malzahar. As we already know, Malzahar tries to grab the enemy damage, but Sivir won’t be able to catch her very easily. Sivir’s skill E can handle the first skill that touches her, turning her into a sis.


This champion is the one who can give your team a good peel against a Malzahar, since her skills help a lot against him. Lulu’s skills like his W and R can cancel Malzahar’s ultimate. Lulu’s W turns into a small animal, the champion who is touched with this skill, and R also throws it into the air against the nearby enemies when it is thrown.

Items that counter Malzahar

The following items should be used against Malzahar to help in a confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any CC, which is what you have when it is activated. If Malzahar catches a champion who owns this item with his R he won’t be so successful. It is highly recommended to get out of Malzahar’s clutches, much more so if you are his focus.

Mikael’s Crisol

This object removes any neutralization, stun, fear or silence when implanted in an ally. Mikael has to be used more for support, as sometimes ADCs or killers don’t arm themselves to complete another item more damage.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This item grants a shield when the pose reaches -30% of your life. This item withstands 300+1 magical damage when you activate it giving it much more resistance against Malzahar. This is necessary, since Malzahar can do a lot of magical damage.

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