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Counter Maokai

Counter Maokai

In this guide you will be showing how to counter the great Maokai. This League of Legends champion is quite problematic as he has a great CC and vigor. Maokai is considered one of the most powerful tank champions, as you can heal yourself and catch your goals. But here I will show you how to win Maokai.

Champions counter Maokai

Weak Against

Counter Renekton Counter Illaoi
Counter Yorick Counter Swain
Counter Dr. Mundo Counter Sion
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Evelynn
Counter Karthus Counter Elise
Counter Kassadin Counter Riven

Tips for facing Maokai

The following champions are the most recommended against Maokai.


This champion I recommend jungle, as he can counter Maokai and help win the line where Maokai is. Rengar’s W ability counteracts Maokai’s ultimate skill or W, as he can get out of this CC if you have that skill in “Ferocity”. It’s also recommended if Maokai goes jungle, as it can steal your jungle goals easily.


Swain can end up with Maokai online TOP, as Maokai is slow, and it can attack with its Q,W and very easy. Also in Swain’s supreme ability heals much more than Maokai’s passive. If in a given case, Maokai’s ally tries to win the line, it won’t be possible thanks to Swain’s ultimate.


This champion can make Maokai’s cure not so much bigger, since her poison gets you in a lot. Cassiopeia if arrested by Maokai this could stop Maokai’s allies with their ultimate. Maokai’s W ability is also weak against this one, as Cassiopeia’s W ability doesn’t allow enemies to move. Cassiopeia’s skill E heals while the enemy is poisoned, a big point to take on Maokai.


If you don’t know what ADC to use against Maokai, I’d recommend Draven, since it has a lot of attack damage. As we know, Draven’s great power can break Maokai in two. You can also prevent when Maokai catches the Draven to this one from hitting him, as his ability AND give one side his hit enemies.


This support can save your allied team from any situation in which Maokai is trapped with your team. Taric ultimate can save your team from any difficult situation your allies find themselves in. Taric’s supreme ability allows immunity to his close allies, thus allowing Maokai’s ultimate not to be as successful.

Items that counter Maokai

The following objects are the most recommended to face Maokai.

Call of the Executioner

This object diminishes the healing of the enemy when it is struck by the one who possesses it. A confrontation against Maokai is necessary since it avoids his passive. Maokai’s passivity heals him every time he hits an enemy for a period of time.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item prevents any first ability that touches what you have. This item is recommended for AP killer champions, as this item can avoid Maokai’s supreme skill. You can’t get stuck if Maokai tries to do it with his ultimate.


This item allows what you have to stay immune for a moment after it is activated. If Maokai tries to catch it with his ultimate, this item can make that skill go on long. Also if Maokai’s E skill will explode in you and you can cause death, this item can save you.

Night Ridge

This object invokes a shield when it is channeled in a moment. This item is necessary for ADC or AD killers, as you can see that Maokai tries to get them to channel this shield. This item cannot be missing in the match against Maokai, it also brings in lethality that helps a lot.

Mr. Dominik’s retreats

This item helps to glue +20% of physical damage champions who have more life. As we know Maokai is a champion tank of plenty of life, if he doesn’t have this object they can never wear it out. It is necessary to use this item, since it is a tank killer.

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