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Counter Master Yi

Counter Master Yi

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Master Yi. This League of Legends champion is very tiring, since if this champion is played well enough he can carry it alone. Master Yi, like more League of Legends champions, has his weak point, so in this guide I’ll give you tips and show you which champions I recommend to face him.

Champions counter Master Yi

Weak Against

Counter Jax Counter Udyr
Counter Tryndamere Counter Singed
Counter Kha'Zix Counter Rammus
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Ziggs
Counter Nidalee Counter Jinx
Counter Karthus Counter Xayah

Tips to face Master Yi

These are the most recommended champions when about to see a Master Yi in the match. These recommended champions, have good CC skills that help a lot in the match, so you can stop Yi and avoid him to leave with his own.


Rammus thanks to his and passive makes Master Yi nothing at the start. This champion increases his armor and magical stamina when his W is activated and he recovers the damage that causes him damage. Rammus used as the main item Thorns Quota, being this an object of much use against Master Yi.


This champion is also highly recommended to put an end to Master Yi. He has great damage and great skills that counterean Yi in everything. This champion and his skill E facilitates Yi’s death as this skill immunizes the damage you get from Jax when it is activated. He also has a great R that strengthens his armor and magical stamina for a few moments.


This support is also highly recommended, for when a Yi in the match. Braum and his great passive provides a key point, to stop Master Yi and thus give time to the allied team to finish this one very easily. Braum can stop Yi with his R when Master Yi has already hit the ADC or some other ally in the clutches of his death.


Malzahar helps a lot in the game with his R and his great pokeo of e and Q. Yi against Malzahar becomes difficult as those who play Malzahar will know to whom to throw their R. Yi is weak when it is stopped and without being able to throw skills or attack with his great damage of attack speed. I recommend this champion, to rescue him from Yi’s death.

Items that counter Master Yi


This item causes damage when what it owns is hit. This item is highly recommended for champions who recommend themselves as Braum and Rammus, to be able to resist Master Yi and help with the damage that can cause Yi’s death.

Presagio de Randuin

This item is also necessary against Yi. Omen reduces the attack speed by 15% when Yi attacks what he owns. It also reduces the movement of those who are hit when this item is activated.

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