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Counter Miss Fortune

Counter Miss Fortune

This League of Legends champion is a major nuisance, as he can poke with his passive critic and attack with his ultimate in the area. Miss Fortune is a very good champion, but she has her opponents, which can go against her very easily. But here I’ll give you some tips and you consider yourself a few champions to finish her off.

Champions counter Miss Fortune

Weak Against

Counter Warwick Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Rakan Counter LeBlanc
Counter Annie Counter Zed
Strong Against

Counter Kog'Maw Counter Graves
Counter Sona Counter Zyra
Counter Soraka Counter Heimerdinger

Advice to face a Miss Fortune

The following champions are the most recommended against her.


Warwick’s E ability can cancel out his ultimate, as can R’s. If Miss Fortune is out of combat with little life, Warwick can reach it, as his W allows him to gain excessive speed of movement.


If Miss Fortune throws her ultimate, he only puts his W ability to stop the bullets in this one. So can the ultimate with her Q in the hurricane. If Yasuo doesn’t have Q or W to cancel Miss Fortune’s ultimate, he can move with Miss Fortune’s minions or allies to avoid damage.


As we know Miss Fortune has no displacement, only the speed of movement, giving this a big point for Annie to involve her. Miss Fortune can easily be trapped by Annie, since she can’t dodge anything from this one.


Tristana’s W ability sends her to a chosen area, giving her a secure area of ultimate Miss Fortune. Also Tristana’s ultimate can be launched from a minion, ally or Miss Fortune, in order to push her and that to ultimate.


If in a given case Miss Fortune launches her ultimate with Blitzcrank nearby, she can cancel it with her Q,E R. It is highly recommended to make life impossible for Miss Fortune in the match.

Items that counter Miss Fortune

The following items must be used to face Miss Fortune.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. If Miss Fortune activates your ultimate, this item has to be activated to avoid damage to this skill. This item is recommended for AP role champions.

Heart of Ice

This object decreases the attack speed by 5% to the champion who beats the one who has it. The skill W Miss Fortune increases your attack speed when you are on active duty. It is highly recommended in this item.

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