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Counter Mordekaiser

Counter Mordekaiser

This guide will show you how to do it against Mordekaiser. This champion, besides the good damage you have, you can also protect yourself from the damage you receive. We are confident that with this guide you can easily fight this champion.

Champions counter Mordekaiser

Weak Against

Counter Cassiopeia Counter Orianna
Counter Lux Counter Yorick
Counter Xerath Counter Illaoi
Strong Against

Counter Malphite Counter Talon
Counter Kassadin Counter Graves
Counter Gragas Counter Akali

Tips to face Mordekaiser

The following champions are the most recommended against Mordekaiser.


Skarner’s skill E allows him to slow down the hit enemies and stun them over time. This allows Mordekaiser not to throw skills and not activate his passive, also R Skarner helps him not to activate, as it freezes him and moves him where he wants.


This champion is the one I recommend the most against Mordekaiser, since he can attack from a good distance, thanks to his passive. When Mordekaiser this worn out with Jayce’s big pockeo, he can go in and finish him off with his hammer. If in a particular case Mordekaiser tries to beat him in a hand-to-hand combat to Jayce, he only moves away with his hammer with his skill E.


Q de Lux helps a lot so they can assassinate Mordekaiser from a good area, without this casting spells. It’s very good pick against Mordekaiser, as it can catch you and cause a lot of damage from a distance, thus avoiding receiving damage in return.


This champion can attack Mordekaiser from a great distance and stop him with his traps when he tries to get close. Caitlyn’s passive clashes with Mordekaiser’s passive but does not cause her the great damage she can do. It is necessary to use Caitlyn against Mordekaiser if we know the ADC champion to use it.


This champion can save the lives of her allies from the clutches of Mordekaiser. Besides her healing work, they make her a great counter to the ultimate of Mordekaiser, also neutralizes him. Soraka’s E skill allows him to silence his enemies and leave him trapped if he lasts a while in this skill. This skill helps the Mordekaiser not to throw skills and has no passive.

Items that counter Mordekaiser

The following items have to be used against Mordekaiser.

Executioner’s call

This object diminishes the healing of enemies, when they are hit by the one who possesses it. The ultimate of Mordekaiser steals life as time goes by, but thanks to this item, the cure is still something weaker still.


This object makes you immune to the champion you have when you activate it. If you bitekaiser wears out and leaves it ultimate once it covers you, this item can save you. When you’re on the verge of dying for the ultimate active Bitekaiser, this item will save you.

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