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Counter Morgana

Counter Morgana

In the guide, I’ll be showing you how to counter her, Morgana. This League of Legends champion is one of the best champions and one of the most used in the game, as he has excellent skills that help a lot in the match. Morgana’s skills facilitate a match against champions body-to-body, and also against champions who have neutralization skills, or stun. But here I’ll give you some advice and if you consider that some champions, so you can face her, you can finish.

Champions counter Morgana

Weak Against

Counter Sivir Counter Zyra
Counter Gangplank Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Aatrox Counter Janna
Strong Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Leona
Counter Braum Counter Malzahar
Counter Rakan Counter Thresh

Tips to face Morgana

The following champions are the most recommended to face Morgana without problems.


Kha’Zix’s E ability allows you to fly to any area, allowing you to easily exit the ultimate harry potter. If this skill is evolved it can fly much better.


Gangplank’s W ability allows him to heal and to dissipate any ability that is bestowed upon him. It is recommended to play this skill when Morgana catches you with your Q or R.


Vladimir’s W ability allows him immunity, allowing him to corrupt and deviate from any ability when he is in that function. This skill W of Vladimir, you can avoid Morgana’s supreme skill, which was released long before R of Morgana.


This one is the most recommended ADC champion, since her ability AND allows her to withstand any skill. This E de Sivir skill can dissipate any of Morgana’s abilities by turning him into a mana. If this skill was released at the moment Morgana wants to release her ultimate, this skill can make that skill touch her.


Janna’s E ability allows a shield that can protect any partner who has been captured by Morgana. Also Janna’s supreme ability can take advantage of Morgana’s allies when they try to attack her ally who has been arrested.

Items that counter Morgana

The following items have to be used to maintain a better fight against Morgana.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object allows you, when activated, to remove the champion you have from any weakness you find yourself in. Morgana’s Q and R ability can catch you with ease, but by marking this item, you can get out of this situation.

of Malmortius’ fauces

Morgana is a champion who has a lot of magic damage, so I recommend this item to take a lot of magic damage. This item when what it possesses reaches -30% of life, it grants a shield that allows it to withstand 300+1 of magical damage.


This when the object is activated allows immunity to the winner, who owns it. The Q or R Morgana ability may be nothing against this object, as it will not be able to get trapped by these abilities. I recommend you activate it better in your ultimate ability.

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