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Counter Nautilus

Counter Nautilus

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Nautilus. This League of Legends champion is very good, since you can hold, hold or stun. His passive is very uncomfortable as he can freeze the touched goals with his first basic attack. But here I’ll give you some advice and recommended champions to face him.

Champions counter Nautilus

Weak Against

Counter Gnar Counter Shyvana
Counter Vi Counter Aatrox
Counter Yorick Counter Lee Sin
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Nami
Counter Blitzcrank Counter Irelia
Counter Evelynn Counter Nasus

Tips to face the Nautilus

The following champions are the most recommended to face Nautilus.


This champion can do it against the Nautilus is very easy, since his supreme ability, makes him counter all the skills of the Nautilus. Olaf’s supreme skill allows him to continue his march without anyone being able to stop him while this skill is active. I also recommend it, since you can beat him in the jungle or in the TOP line.


Gnar and his great skills and his passivity allow him to maintain a great confrontation against the Nautilus. Gnar’s passive helps you a lot to damage the Nautilus in its normal form, since you can beat it from a distance. Also Gnar’s skill E in its normal form, allows you to avoid the Nautilus’ definitive wave of skill. This E de Gnar skill can avoid that ultimate when it’s directed at an ally of his.


This champion can face Nautilus without any problems, as he can poke and prod all his skills, pressing only one skill. Vladimir’s W skill, which allows him to turn into a pool of blood, causes damage to enemies in his area and immunizes Vladimir. The ability Q or R Nautilus, will be nothing to Vladimir. I recommend saving this skill, for when Nautilus tries to catch him with his Q or R.


This is the ADC that I most recommend the departure, to face the demanding Nautilus. If the equipment damage is arrested, you can go a little ugly, but with Sivir everything will be different. Sivir can be given a second chance not to get arrested, as he has a good skill that allows him to withstand any enemy skill. Sivir’s E ability allows you to resist Q, E or R Nautilus, as this ability makes mana the abilities that touch Sivir.


This champion is very good against the champions of “Engage”, since Janna is very easy to do a “Desengage”. The ability Q the Nautilus can catch an ally of Janna or herself, but the supreme ability of Janna or Q can prevent her from catching him. Janna’s Q ability is a hurricane that hurls and stops her enemies and the ultimate ability, pushes back at them.

Items that counter Nautilus

The following items have to be used against Nautilus to have a better confrontation.


This object allows it to have immunity, since if it is activated it leaves it inoculated, without allowing it to receive damage, or that it does damage. This item is necessary for the ultimate of Nautilus, as if directed this item can prevent further damage.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item can remove any weakness in what you have when it is activated. The definitive or passive ability of the Nautilus is quite grumpy, so I recommend this item. It has to be activated when Nautilus’ supreme ability touches them or passive.

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