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Counter Neeko

Counter Neeko

This content we explain to you how to do it against Neeko. This is a champion with peculiar skills that are very useful when it comes to team strategy and are also very boring, but it is quite possible to counter.

Champions counter Neeko

Weak Against

Counter Akali Counter LeBlanc
Counter Zoe Counter Nunu
Counter Cassiopeia Counter Vladimir
Strong Against

Counter Lux Counter Galio
Counter Lulu Counter Veigar
Counter Senna Counter Diana

Tips for countering a Neeko


With Lux you can counter Neeko very easily, as he is a champion with a lot of distance to use his skills, you can keep pocketed Neeko without receiving damage in return. It’s always good to wait until you’re not using the clone so you don’t get confused and be careful if you think you’re coming to explore Lux’s passive against Neeko, as you’d be getting too close to it at that point.


With Vel’Koz the case is very similar to Lux, keep the distance by pocking Neeko with the skills, always with Vel’Koz buy the boots, as soon as possible to have the help of extra speed of movement and thus avoid that Neeko can reach with ease and not lose line against it.


XerathXerath is another champion, but for his scale he has the facility to pocket Neeko without receiving damage in return, and can send the base constantly and leave him delayed in farm and experience. It is recommended not to put too much line, enjoy the interval of this champion and the others and cool line to Zonear Neeko and that it loses minions.


Zed by having as much mobility as possible, without too much difficulty avoiding Neeko’s skills, too, Zed with his ulti can avoid Neeko’s ulti. Adding also that Neeko is not a champion who endures a lot, which makes her an easy prey for Zed, however, to be able to do it against Zed to Neeko, one must have at least a minimum knowledge of the champion.


With Ahri you can count Neeko easily because you, with her, keep enough distance not to be damaged by Neeko, another advantage Ahri has is that with his ulti you can escape from Neeko’s ulti which makes her one of the best counter Neeko, mentioning also that in face of lines, Ahri can clean the waves of minions more easily and at the same time keep pocketed to Neeko.

Items that counter Neeko


If you are going to play with a magician, it is ideal that you arm yourself, this article to face Neeko, since with Zhonyas you avoid her ulti and thus can easily neutralize her. This serves even more with champions, and those who don’t have much mobility and who are sure that they won’t be able to run away from a Neeko ulti.

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