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Counter Nilah

Counter Nilah

If you don’t know how to face Nilah, don’t worry, we will give you all the tips you need to win the line and be able to counter Nilah.

Champions counter Nilah

Weak Against

Counter Draven Counter Jhin
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Wukong
Counter Sivir Counter Vayne
Strong Against

Counter Samira Counter Twitch
Counter Kai'Sa Counter Rengar
Counter Tristana Counter Kalista

Tips to counter Nilah

Despite being considered as an ADC, she is not ranged, she is similar to Samira since her autoattacks are practically very close unless her Q is activated (it’s like Lucian’s Q but with a whip). With this you will gain AOE and a bit of range to be able to get far.

Something very good that this champion has is that he has a lot of area cleaning, so if we leave him under tower, he can easily clean, it is something we have to take into account.

Her W can stop our autoattacks and gives her resistance to both AD and AP damage, but once she spends it she has a pretty high CD, so it will be the ideal time to launch against her.

With her E she has a dash, well actually, she has two and they are cumulative. She can use them both to incite us and to leave an engage that we do to her, so we will always have to count on those two dashes and her flash, which can cause us a lot of inconvenience.

To finish the R, it will heal 30% of what hits us so we will have to try to get out of his ultimate, it has a range similar to Diana’s ultimate, so if you are familiar with it you will know more or less what it takes up.


As Nilah has a fairly small range and a weak early, Draven’s pick makes him an excellent counter to Nilah. The great damage that we will have in the first levels we will have to take advantage of it so that at least not play comfortable, and if we can try to kill her.

With Draven’s E we will be able to cut Nilah’s dash (E), so she will have less mobility against us, and having so much damage will make us a pretty easy line to play against her.


In this case we will play with the zoning and the great range that Jhin has, it will be very comfortable to play against her with our last bullet (critical) because she can not get too close to farm, we will only have to be careful not to hit us with her Q and otherwise we can wear her down until we end up killing her.

Think that it will be easier to hit her with all of Jhin’s combo since she is melee, but we will have to be careful as we level up, since she is a very aggressive champion and when she has items she can complicate things for us. The best thing to do is to take advantage online against Nilah and win team fights easily.

Miss Fortune

Damage, damage and… a little more damage. The only problem we can have against Nilah is the mobility she has against ours, the good thing? The great damage we have at the cost of that mobility. We can do a lot of damage every few seconds thanks to our passive. In addition, if we can chain some Q boosted with a minion, it will be perfect because we will add a huge damage and it will be easy to hit her because she will be in melee with the minions and it will make it easier for us.


With Caitlyn we can counter Nilah in a very simple way, with the great range we have in front of her. By far the ADC with more range and one of the most annoying online, so we will be great against her.

We will have to wear her down with our autoattacks and our Q, we will keep our distance and it will be very easy to dominate her, since it will be difficult for her to kill us thanks to our range.


With Sivir we can push faster than her, so if we only want to farm and leave her under tower without making many trades, she will be our ideal pick against Nilah. If we want to trade, we will have to hit the Qs we throw at her, since she will be our source of damage, because if we want to make a duel with autoattacks, we can probably lose against her, since she has more damage than Sivir.

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