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Counter Nocturne

Counter Nocturne

In this guide you will be showing how to do the Nocturne counter-a. This League of Legends champion is very good as he has a great damage and an ultimate that can kill a champion role very easy. The passive of this champion grants 120% of attack damage, the enemy champions and by transforming, also reduces the cooling with each attack. But in this guide, I’ll give you some advice and recommended champions to be able to face Nocturne.

Champions counter Nocturne

Weak Against

Counter Udyr Counter Olaf
Counter Renekton Counter Shyvana
Counter Master Yi Counter Vi
Strong Against

Counter Evelynn Counter Rek'Sai
Counter Zed Counter Sejuani
Counter Kassadin Counter Cho'Gath

Tips for countering a Nocturne

The following champions are the most recommended to face Nocturne.


This champion has powerful basic attacks and excellent skills that you can do against Nocturne. Udyr can leave Nocturne in a hand-to-hand combat, without much trouble, since his W that allows him to absorb damage. Also the speed of attack and movement that this champion acquires is quite necessary to face Nocturne.


This champion I recommend but for only 3 things, his passive, his W ability and his ultimate. Olaf’s passive helps in a hand-to-hand combat against any other champion, as he can increase his attack speed with % of life he lacks. Also the W skill helps him to increase his healing and attack speed. Olaf’s ultimate is very good against Night skill E as it immunizes him from CC.


Shyvana’s abilities help against Nocturne and also a lot of her passive. Shyvana’s passive helps her bonus armor and magical resistance, giving reasons more resistance to Nocturne’s basic attack, which is a powerful attack of 120% damage. The passive of this champion increases her armor and stamina with each Dragon she kills.


This champion and her supreme ability, makes her a great counter to Nocturne’s supreme ability, as she may be immune for a while. Xayah’s ultimate has to be released from when Nocturne marks it with her ultimate, in order to succeed. It is highly recommended as ADC, since you can take care of Nocturne on your own.


This is the support I most recommend against Nocturne, since it has excellent skills against it. The ability W e and Rakan allows you to approach your ally and give him protection, from any enemy attack. W allows Rakan to launch into a marked area to shoot his enemies into the air, this skill is much needed when Nocturne throws his R at him.

Items that counter Nocturne

The following items have to be used against Nocturne to have a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness in what you have when it is activated. The Night E skill gives nightmare to the object that has been released, to take advantage of that moment to attack.


This item allows you to withstand a critical blow by one -20%, also when activated it reduces the speed of movement of nearby enemies. Besides the basic attacks are reduced by 5%. It is very good for the Q and passive ability of Nocturne.

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