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Counter Olaf

Counter Olaf

Olaf is one of the most feared champions of the League of Legends, since he is a champion who seeks his goal without anyone stopping him. Olaf and his passive is very unstoppable, as his passive increases his attacking speed by 1% of his life missing, this being a monster against the champions who do body to body. It also has its ultimate that helps a lot in what is approaching your opponent, without any skill or item neutralize it.

Champions counter Olaf

Weak Against

Counter Kayle Counter Jarvan IV
Counter Yorick Counter Elise
Counter Quinn Counter Kog'Maw
Strong Against

Counter Irelia Counter Warwick
Counter Rammus Counter Sejuani
Counter Poppy Counter Udyr

Tips to face Olaf

The following champions are the most recommended, to face Olaf. These champions have spectacular skills, so they can finish Olaf easily.


Kayle has great skills against Olaf, so she is the most recommended against him. This champion has a great pokeo with her E, which is a nuisance for Olaf. Kayle also has a great R that protects her while Olaf, you will come across it. It is highly recommended since she can protect an ally or herself with her R and she can also pockearlo constantly.


When Olaf tries to reach with his R a paper ally or the same Yorick, the champion only throws his W to close the Olavo in his Dark Procession W. If Yorick’s team has good damage from a distance this skill helps a lot to rescue him from death Olaf.


This little one is not recommended by his CC, since we know that Olaf is countless to that with his R. Kennen is recommended by his great pokeo and his great skill AND Running Impulse, which help him to leave Olaf when he tries to approach. Kennen’s CC can be of good use when Olaf does not have his R activated.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV like Yorick, can close the Olaf. When Olaf is closed, you can’t reach your goal with your R activated, since you close it in a skill with no way out. Jarvan IV is highly recommended to be able to rescue him from death with an ally of good damage. If you are going to use Jarvan IV seek to shut down Olaf, or if it cannot be that you can end up with your ADC or ally paper.

Items that counter Olaf

The following items have to be used against Olaf, they help a lot in the match.

Heart of Ice

This object decreases the attack speed by 5% to the opponent within its reach. Heart of Ice helps a lot for what is Olaf’s passive, as Olaf gains more attack speed each time he loses 1% of his life.

Lord Dominik’s retreats

This item helps to do more damage to champions with more life than you have. This item helps a lot against Olaf, since if you are an ADC and you are in a situation that Olaf has in his claws, it can help wear out faster.

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