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Counter Ornn

Counter Ornn

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Ornn. This champion’s passive is very good, since you can improve your items when you are not in combat, and allies can improve any item, also when they buy at the store. Besides improvements, he also has very good skills against enemies, allowing him to be a nuisance in the game. But here it is considered that some champions and I will give you some advice to deal with it without problems.

Champions counter Ornn

Weak Against

Counter Illaoi Counter Camille
Counter Yorick Counter Aatrox
Counter Akali Counter Alistar
Strong Against

Counter Annie Counter Amumu
Counter Anivia Counter Ashe
Counter Trundle Counter Irelia

Tips to face Ornn

The following champions are the most recommended to face Ornn.


Trundle’s E ability can avoid Ornn’s E ability, as he can invoke a large wall that stops enemies from passing and Ornn’s E ability allows him to throw himself forward.


Ornn can never take advantage of Darius, as he has enough damage when his passive reaches the limit. Also, Darius’s E ability can avoid Ornn’s E ability or his supreme ability when he wants to throw it again.


Anivia’s skills are excellent, as she can avoid some Ornn’s skills. Anivia’s W ability allows her to create a wall of ice that prevents everyone from passing through, so Ornn clashes with this ability when she throws E.


This is the ADC champion I recommend the most against Ornn, as she has great damage and very good skills against him. Vayne from the tank jungle can take on Ornn without any problems as she can push him with her and with her will on one side, with her ability Q. I recommend Vayne, but don’t let Ornn get you too close.


This champion is the support I most recommend, to give you a good peel your allies, from an enemy Ornn. The ability Q and Thresh can make Ornn not throw his supreme ability again, since you can pick it up or move it so you don’t do anything. You can also take your ally out of Ornn’s clutches with your lamp.

Items that counter Ornn

The following champions are the most recommended to face Ornn.

Fajin de Mercurio

Neutralised champions can activate this object to get out of any weakness they find themselves in. Ornn’s abilities are very tedious, so I recommend this object to avoid being caught by one of his abilities.

Lord Dominik’s retreats

This object helps to damage more the champions who have more life than it has. Ornn is a champion tank that has enough life, but this object will help the champions that are AD, to do more damage to him to kill him.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. Ornn’s supreme ability is very uncomfortable, but thanks to this object you can avoid this ability to avoid further damage. It’s highly recommended.

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