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Counter Pantheon

Counter Pantheon

In the guide I’ll be showing you how to counter Pantheon. Be a champion and your annoying damage and skills make it very difficult in the match. Since Pantheon has CC on his W, long distance ability on his Q, area damage on his and a big passive that avoids attack damage when he hits 4 times. But here I will be showing you how to finish him easily.

Champions counter Pantheon

Weak Against

Counter Ryze Counter Rumble
Counter Lissandra Counter Elise
Counter Gragas Counter Malphite
Strong Against

Counter Fiora Counter Wukong
Counter Nidalee Counter Tryndamere
Counter Kled Counter Gangplank

Tips to face Pantheon

The following champions are recommended to face Pantheon. These champions do not need basic damage to damage, this being a point in favor of continuing to beat the Pantheon, with their passive active.


Being a champion is very good against champions without mobility. Rumble can diminish the damage of Pantheon Q with his Skill Scrap Shield W. Pantheon being a body to body champion without mobility can go badly against Rumble, as Rumble throws his R and does him a huge damage very easy.


Be a champion and your good combo can make Panthéon do you no harm. As we know when Ryze has a rune activated, either when you hit a Q in your combo you gain armor and speed of movement. Also Ryze’s Prison Rune W ability, you can avoid the R Pantheon if you’re near it.


Malphite is very good against Pantheon, since it is a tank and has great damage to disappear Pantheon. Do not think that Pantheon you can eat all the skills with the passive active, are just basic attacks. Malphite can continue to damage Pantheon with its Q, although Pantheon has its passive active. If you are going to use Malphite and see that Pantheon is the half of life attacks with your R and combea to end it. Also Malphite can cancel the R Pantheon with his ultimate, when Pantheon throws it close to him.


Shen and his abilities absorb a lot of damage to the Pantheon. Your ability W Spirit Refuge blocks the damage you receive Shen or your ally within this ability. When Pantheon tries to gain an allied line only Shen activates your R the partner where Pantheon goes to protect you. If Pantheon tries to pull your R in front of Shen, just take your E over Pantheon for that, your R.

Items that counter Pantheon


This item gives you the armor and life to the champion who owns it. Also be an item, it can help to fight Pantheon, doing it damage either when the attack. It is highly recommended as the first item, if it is with Malphite or Shen of the champions you recommend.

Night Ridge

Be an item when it is channeled in 1.5 sec, grants a shield that blocks the next ability. It is highly recommended for ADC with mobility or killers. It is also recommended against Pantheon, since it is attacking with your Q, or your W. Night Ridge, it can avoid the damage of the R of Pantheon.

Fajin de Mercurio

Be object can take you from Pantheon CC W. It is very necessary if you are ADC, since you can disappear very easily, if Pantheon clings with your skill W.

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