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Counter Poppy

Counter Poppy

The guide will show you how to do it against Poppy. This League of Legends champion is very good as he is a tank and has very good skills against displacement champions. But here I will show you how to do it against Poppy, giving you some advice and recommended champions to face him without many problems.

Champions counter Poppy

Weak Against

Counter Olaf Counter Trundle
Counter Rumble Counter Kayle
Counter Kennen Counter Teemo
Strong Against

Counter Zac Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Rengar Counter Aatrox
Counter Kayn Counter Tryndamere

Tips for countering a Poppy

The following champions are the most recommended to face Poppy without problems.


This champion is the one I recommend the most to face Poppy or to help his allies against her. Olaf’s skills are not very good against Poppy as he can neutralize, attack with a lot of damage and support his E or R. Olaf’s supreme skill, allows him that you can stand any CC or neutralize while this skill is active.


Kennen’s skills are the distance, giving little Kennen a big advantage against Poppy. Poppy being slow can never reach a Kennen in a fight, plus he can stun and attack more easily. If Poppy is carrying his hammer to throw his enemies to the other side, Kennen can stun and cancel her definitive ability.


This champion can stun Poppy, to avoid her ultimate ability. Morgana can stop Poppy and withstand any CC that Poppy grants, thanks to her skill, E. Morgana’s skill E can withstand any neutralization or stun that her enemies grant her, if it is activated. It can also be thrown at an ally to save you from a stun that wants to make you Poppy.


The ADC I recommend the most against Poppy is Jinx, this champion has no displacement and is very good against Poppy. Jinx’s skill E can avoid Poppy’s supreme skill, since you can catch your enemies. Also Jinx can neutralize Poppy with her skill W, when Poppy tries to arrive with his W or run away.

Tahm Kench

This champion can give you a good peel from your allies when it comes to an enemy Poppy. Tahm Kench’s skills make a great counter to Poppy’s skills. The W skill of Tahm Kench can prevent Poppy from giving his allies against a wall. Also his passive and Q can stun Poppy to cancel his ultimate. If Poppy throws his ultimate to Tahm Kench and an ally, his ultimate ability can return again to the place where Poppy is, or closer to it.

Items that counter Poppy

The following items have to be used against Poppy in order to have a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item has been removed from any stun or neutralizes the champion you have when it is activated. When Poppy is the champion you have for a wall, you must activate this item to avoid further damage. This item cannot avoid Poppy’s supreme ability.


This object can immunize the champion that when it is activated, when this object, this function does not allow you to throw anything when it is inoculated. It is very important to activate this item when Poppy wants to launch his ultimate skill, or when you stun him on a wall.

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