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Counter Pyke

Counter Pyke

This guide explains how to make it counter for Pyke. This League of Legends champion has very interesting skills and brutal damage, however, it is not difficult to fight it as it has some weaknesses that you can take advantage of. Below we suggest some tips, methods and champions to be able to counter Pyke easily.

Champions counter Pyke

Weak Against

Counter Lulu Counter Kindred
Counter Morgana Counter Braum
Counter Zoe Counter Kayle
Strong Against

Counter Lux Counter Nami
Counter Aatrox Counter Akali
Counter Zed Counter Blitzcrank

Tips for countering a Pyke


With an E of Leo + her Q + ignite + some basic CAD attacks, Pyke would be dead in a matter of seconds. Leona is a champion that you can very easily withstand the damage and also put enough CC so that time to remove it. Another easy way is to get Pyke with E just when the jungle comes. If the jungle is not in the plans to go help your line, make it pin so you go there.


Preferably that your ADC doesn’t put too much, that you just concentrate on giving the last hit to the minions, that way you’ll always be near your tower, in this position and with a good Blitzcrank jalon + fist + an ignite + at least one tower hit and two CAD basics, Pyke would be dead easily.


Although Morgana is not a tank and will not take as much damage as the previous two, this one with its anti-CD shield, can prevent Pyke from picking up the ADC as easily as it normally does, and can contract it with its eternal Q + well.


If you use Taric’s ulti well, you can prevent Pyke’s ulti from harming your ally, and you can compensate with the stun by protecting the ADC and hiring Pyke.

Items that counter Pyke


With this article you avoid that Pyke jalé the ADC, it is even more necessary when there is more than one who wants to take the ADC.


Article that should enter the support in a situation similar to Track.

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