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Counter Qiyana

Counter Qiyana

Qiyana is one of the most innovative champions in the League of Legends today, having these very sinful skills and possibly you want to know how to neutralize her. This content explains how to do it against Qiyana “The Empress of the Elements”.

Champions counter Qiyana

Weak Against

Counter Lux Counter Orianna
Counter Diana Counter Vladimir
Counter Fizz Counter Talon
Strong Against

Counter Akali Counter LeBlanc
Counter Sylas Counter Zed
Counter Galio Counter Twisted Fate

Items that counter Qiyana


Fiora with her (W) “Stocky” ability can block Qiyana’s abilities, especially her ulti, which would leave her completely useless in the game.


Jayce can take it out with her hammer and has enough distance to keep her on the edge and pocketed it constantly.


Irelia for her high stamina in long fights and her great tenacity can win Qiyana in most matches.


This champion can keep Qiyana calm because of his distance skills, and his prolongation. If you use Swain well you will win very easy for her.

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