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Counter Quinn

Counter Quinn

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Quinn. This champion is one of the most powerful in the game, as she has great damage and great skills that can help to take advantage very easily in a match. Quinn and his passive, grants that the scored enemies receive 2 basic attacks, the first is a normal attack, but the second brings extra damage in it. But here I’ll show you how to beat Quinn by giving him some advice and recommending some champions.

Champions counter Quinn

Weak Against

Counter Caitlyn Counter Urgot
Counter Pantheon Counter Karthus
Counter Malphite Counter Tristana
Strong Against

Counter Illaoi Counter Garen
Counter Renekton Counter Kalista
Counter Lucian Counter Vayne

Tips for countering a Quinn

The following champions are the most recommended to face Quinn.


This champion I recommend against Quinn, since he has a great passive that allows him to resist damage from basic attacks. Pantheon’s passive allows him, every four basic attacks, to give him a shield, which can serve much against Quinn’s passive. Also Pantheon’s abilities can help him win a confrontation.


This champion is highly recommended against Quinn, as she has a great ability against her. Quinn’s skill E allows her to move back and shoot the target hit by the skill 2 basic attacks. Poppy’s skill is his W, as this skill does not allow for any aggressive entry of any champion.


This champion is a killer, who can disappear to a fairly easy paper champion. Zed’s skills can help him take on Quinn and finish her off, since she can’t stand Zed’s great damage. It’s highly recommended, to take on Quinn, since he can kill her without help.


Quinn will never be able to take on Caitlyn, as this champion has a wide variety of attacks that help her to take great advantage. Caitlyn’s W ability can hold Quinn down quite easily, as she’s not a champion with the move. If Quinn is channelling his ultimate to Caitlyn’s view, she can cancel it with a skill.


This champion is the support that I most recommend the time to face Quinn, since his skills are good against champions without mobility. If Quinn is arrested by Blitzcrank, you have to make sure he can’t get out of there, as he can silence, lift and approach his enemies.

Items that counter Quinn

The following items, which should be used to maintain a better fight against Quinn.

Presagio de Randuin

This object decreases the attack speed of enemies by 5% per 1sg, each basic attack that hits those who have it. You can also neutralize the enemies reached by this item when it is activated.

Filo de la Noche

This object can give a shield to the champion it has when it is channeled, to allow the first skill that touches it to not affect it. Quinn’s abilities can launch 2 basic attacks, allowing much more damage to be done, but with this object it is not performed and causes no more damage.

the Veil of the Death Fairy

This item allows the possessor to obtain a shield, allowing it not to be damaged by the first ability it touches. It is recommended for wizard champions, as Quinn can glue a skill and then launch 2 basic attacks.

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