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Counter Rell

Counter Rell

In this guide, we explain how to fight Rell easily. There are many ways to counter this champion, this should be done from what are the skills of this champion, so the first thing we recommend is to understand how the champion works and based on this you will see below our tips.

Champions counter Rell

Weak Against

Counter Zilean Counter Janna
Counter Senna Counter Bardo
Counter Lulu Counter Seraphine
Strong Against

Counter Galio Counter Pantheon
Counter Karma Counter Rakan
Counter Yuumi Counter Swain


  • Avoid approaching unsightly bushes when Rell is there, as he may be waiting for you to hit him with your W skill and, along with your ADC, take him out.
  • Avoid placing yourself between Rell and his connection. That is, Rell creates a link with an ally, be it he ADC, jungler or another ally in your team, when you get between Rell and his link, she can stun him, unbinding him.
  • Rell is melee, which means that with champions at a distance using them carefully, you can easily beat her.
  • Avoid grouping yourself in team fights, because Rell’s ulti attracts enemies to her, putting them in an ideal position to combine her with their allies.
  • Rell breaks shields, so it is highly recommended to try to use champions who don’t have shields as their forte.



The strength of Vel’koz is its damage, reach and pocket capacity. Rell is not a hand-to-hand champion and Vel’koz is a high-distance champion, so if you don’t get too close to him with Vel’koz, you will beat him very easily.


Zyra with her plants can make Rell’s life miserable, because Zyra, although she doesn’t have as much reach as Vel’koz, can keep Rell at a distance with her pocket and her plants.


Brand is a champion who also has a lot of pockets, also favors that enemies are grouped, Rell is a champion who always likes to be close to his allies, so that Brand can take advantage of this and defeat him.


Although Soraka is a champion who has nothing, but if you use it from behind it is hard for Rell and his ADC to kill his ADC, as Soraka can cure his ADC and silence Rell the moment he approaches his ADC.


This is another champion who has many favorable conditions against Rell, because she has a lot of reach and a lot of pocket, making it difficult for Rell to survive in the track phase.

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