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Counter Renekton

Counter Renekton

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Renekton. This one is very demanding in League of Legends, since it has great damage, mobility, CC and vigor. The passive of this champion helps to bonus his damage when he is short of life. But here I will show you how to put an end to Renekton with some advice and recommended champions to face him.

Champions counter Renekton

Weak Against

Counter Alistar Counter Trundle
Counter Quinn Counter Elise
Counter Ryze Counter Kennen
Strong Against

Counter Wukong Counter Darius
Counter Maokai Counter Akali
Counter Zed Counter Lee Sin

Tips to face Renekton

The following champions are the most recommended against Renekton.


This champion is very good against body-to-body champions, as his healing skills help a lot. Trundle’s ultimate steals life, armor and magical endurance for champions that apply to him. When he is in skill W, he can intensify this healing or after 4 seconds. In addition to counteracting his passive with this cure, he also prevents Renekton from passing through with his block of ice E.


This champion can make life impossible for Renekton within the game, as he has CC and good range skills. Kennen can poke Renekton from a safe area and when Renekton approaches he can stun. He also has a great skill, which is his E that allows him to leave Renekton.


This champion can poke Renekton, and stop him without problems, since his skills are excellent against him. Ryze’s W ability can stop Renekton without trouble. Also Ryze’s Q ability helps a lot for a fight against him, as it gives speed and armor when the rune is loaded.


This is the ADC I most recommend against Renekton, since this is a tank killer and his ultimate will be nothing against it. Vayne can roll back when he tries to catch you or push you with his E. Vayne’s ultimate bonus her damage and giving her speed of movement that helps a lot against Renekton.


This champion’s skills are very good against Renekton, as you can stop or resist enough damage to him. Q of Alistar can stop Renekton from any attempt to catch an ally of Alistar. Also the skill E is very good against Renekton as you can attack with her in a hand-to-hand combat and stun with a basic charge.

Items that counter Renekton

The following objects have to be used against Renekton, to have a better combat.

Sword of the Ruined King

This item grants life theft or immobility to enemy champions when it is activated against them. This item is quite necessary to use it with ADC champions or killers in order to have a better confrontation.

Mr. Dominik’s retreats

This item helps you beat the champions harder than you possess. When Renekton activates his ultimate, he gets a lot of life, but thanks to this item a confrontation against him will be much easier.

Call of the Executioner

This item gives you serious injuries to enemy champions when they are hit because you own it. The Q and R ability of it allows you to heal, but this item helps to decrease that healing by one -50%. It is quite necessary to use this item to face him body to body.

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