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Counter Rengar

Counter Rengar

This champion is quite problematic as he has a lot of damage and can delete any champion paper without problems. His passive champion helps a lot, as if he kills his enemies once every 1 time he gains an excessive accumulation of damage. This damage can cause them to lose the match, as their ultimate can give a major criticism when they reach their goal. But like all champions Go of Legends has its weak points, here I’ll show you Rengar’s strength.

Champions counter Rengar

Weak Against

Counter Poppy Counter Shyvana
Counter Garen Counter Darius
Counter Kai'Sa Counter Jax
Strong Against

Counter Ivern Counter Soraka
Counter Jinx Counter Lucian
Counter Ashe Counter Talon

Tips to face Rengar

The following champions have to be used against Rengar, as he has excellent skills against him.


This champion has a lot of stamina and great damage against Rengar. Shyvana I recommend jungle, so that he can disturb Rengar in his nature, since you can avoid him taking advantage. When Shyvana slays a dragon she gains more magical stamina and armor, given this more resistance against Rengar.


This champion can give you a peel to your Rengar ultimate team thanks to her skill, W. Poppy’s W ability allows you to stop enemies with sudden moves. This skill has to be used the moment Rengar is going to throw himself with his ultimate, or from a bush.


This champion makes you a big counter for Rengar, as it is detected that you can take to the air or when you try to get close. Morgana’s Q ability can save your life when Rengar activates his ultimate. Rengar can do nothing with a Morgana as an enemy, as her Q puts you in enough.


This is the ADC champion I recommend the most against Rengar, as her ultimate helps a lot. When Rengar is near Vayne, you have to use R-Q quickly, as this gives invisibility and allows Rengar not to do you much damage. Also if you detect Rengar quickly you can use the skill, E to return him back.


When Rengar is furious at his ultimate, or a bush, Braum can stop with his R. Ultimate Braum, can bring a big counter to Rengar’s ultimate. The ultimate Braum has to be thrown on him allied champion, that Rengar is the focus. You have to be quick so that when Rengar jumps he gets stuck.

Items that counter Rengar

The following items have to be used against Rengar to have a better confrontation.


This object has to be used against Rengar, since it can immunize what you have when it is activated. When Rengar launches your R this item has to be used at the moment Rengar goes to jump, to avoid this damage and loss of ultimate.

Ice Queen Proclamation

This object can detect Rengar within its ultimate, or in any other area. If you give this item at the moment Rengar tries to attack with his R, this object can slow down Rengar’s movement speed and to detect it.

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