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Counter Riven

Counter Riven

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Riven. This champion called Riven has good damage and extremely good skills, as these skills have reach, protection and stun that complicate things, but here I will teach you how to fight Riven.

Champions counter Riven

Weak Against

Counter Tahm Kench Counter Trundle
Counter Volibear Counter Cassiopeia
Counter Garen Counter Poppy
Strong Against

Counter Shaco Counter Jhin
Counter Katarina Counter Diana
Counter Lee Sin Counter Vel'Koz

Tips to counter her Riven easily

These following champions have defeated Riven with their good mechanics I recommend.


This champion is number 1 in Riven’s counter, since with his vigor and skills they beat Riven in a fight. Garen full tank is unstoppable on Riven and his skills in combination of (Q) and (E) damage Riven. Also, Garen, with his passive has the chance to resist a lot on the line. Whenever and when you arm Garen tank you’ll win Riven very easily.


This champion has a great deal of damage and vigour on Riven. Olaf can pelearle 1vs1 to Riven, without her being able to do anything. Since Olaf has much more damage and vigor than her, besides that Olaf has more capacity to heal.


Poppy has more CC than Riven, he earns with ease, whenever and wherever the tank arms.


This champion electric has good pokeo, if Riven tries to attack Kennen this one to dry with his stun activating his past and has the easiness to stop riven, in case he needs.

Items that counter Riven

“Zhonyas” if you use it at the right time avoid a Riven delete.

“Crystal scepter” decreases Riven, preventing it from quickly approaching the goal.

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