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Counter Rumble

Counter Rumble

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Rumble. This League of Legends champion is very good against hand-to-hand champions or distance champions without mobility. Rumble and his ultimate puts you in a big way when you make it impossible to get out of this R in time, causing you too much damage or the death of your champion. Here I’ll be giving you some advice and what champions to use when there’s a Rumble in the team.

Champions counter Rumble

Weak Against

Counter Viktor Counter Xin Zhao
Counter Elise Counter Kassadin
Counter Sion Counter Volibear
Strong Against

Counter Nasus Counter Pantheon
Counter Gangplank Counter Malphite
Counter Poppy Counter Akali

Tips to face Rumble

The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing with Rumble. These champions have good skills against Rumble, since these champions some have mobility or can take Rumble, to finish it is very easy.


This champion is highly recommended, since he has a great passive and is also of a tank nature that can easily end with Rumble. He is also very good with his skills, since Rumble is slow and he can achieve it with his Q ability, to bring him closer to the allied team and assassinate him. He can remove the Fight from his ally when he burns with his Q Escupellamas ability.


This champion, with his E and Q pockean a Rumble, to wear it out and throw his R. Viktor also has a great ability, which helps the team that is his W. Since Rumble is slow, it is very easy to catch him in this trap, to thus facilitate the death of Rumble.


This champion also has a great ability, which avoids the Rumble combo that is his great W. The Rumble combo is to throw your R and attack hand-to-hand with your Q Scupellamas. Thanks to Yorick’s W leaves Rumble stuck so that not to cause damage with your combo. Yorick can take a lot of advantage of Rumble, since it’s hand-to-hand and has good damage and healing when you cause damage with your Q. Yorick’s R helps a lot to damage the champions when it comes face to face.


This champ gets you into Rumble, since she’s got some pretty good skills against it. Ahri has a big one and a big Q that makes the pokeo easy, since we know the fight is slow, it’s never gonna be anything is champion. When Ahri is in danger of Rumble’s final, he’s just activating his R the right area to get out of that uncomfortable R Rumble. Ahri with the help of his team can disappear the Fight at once, since you can catch him very easily.

Items that counter Rumble

The following items have to be used against Rumble. (whenever and wherever champions can use)


This item is the most powerful against Rumble, since it saves the champion who has his R. This item has to be used when you face Rumble and you are AP. (If you arm this item, first I give you as the advice to expect help and to concentrate on the farmear)

of Malmortius’ fauces

This is another highly recommended item, as this object absorbs magical damage when its champion is below 30% of his life. This item can save you from ultimate Rumble, when you are on your R without having mobility.

Relay Crystal Scepter

Since we know Fighting is slow, this item can neutralize Fighting feet to avoid damage to your Q. It’s also very good for taking Rumble with ease and finishing him off. It is highly recommended with Ahri as this can slow down your website and thus better match the following skills.

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