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Counter Ryze

Counter Ryze

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Ryze. This League of Legends champion is a very powerful mage, as his passive can damage his enemies with extra damage depending on his mana amount and also increases his mana depending on his skill power. He also has another great passive, but in his abilities they can give him a shield when his runes reach 100%. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions can put an end to the Ryze.

Champions counter Ryze

Weak Against

Counter Cassiopeia Counter Brand
Counter Lux Counter Orianna
Counter Zyra Counter Ziggs
Strong Against

Counter Garen Counter Nasus
Counter Jax Counter Pantheon
Counter Fizz Counter Renekton

Tips to face Ryze

The following champions are the most recommended to be able to face Ryze without problems.

Jarvan IV

He has very good skills against Ryze, as if Ryze tries to show up with his ultimate Jarvan IV he can stop him. If Ryze launches his ultimate to Jarvan IV’s vision, he can either end it with his ultimate or neutralize it with his and Q.


Yorick’s W ability can shut down a small area where the enemies inside are trapped. When Ryze tries to reach his ultimate with his colleagues or alone, Yorick can close this area and leave them trapped when they appear.


Also Lux can expect Ryze when he tries to reach his ultimate with his colleagues or alone. Lux’s combo can do a lot of damage to enemies who enter Ryze’s ultimate.


Xayah’s supreme ability can make Ryze and her colleagues who enter her ultimate go bad for her, as Xayah can play her ultimate on all of them when they appear.


Zilean Q, W and Q’s combo can make Ryze and his ultimate nothing, as it can easily damage and stop them all. Zilean’s ultimate also allows him to revive an ally or himself, causing him to have a new fight and Ryze no longer has much sis.

Items that counter Ryze

The following items have to be used when facing Ryze.

Malmortius Fauces

This object grants a magical resistance shield that resists 300+1 of magical damage, when what it has reaches -30% of life. Ryze can do a lot of damage when the manna it is full of, but if you do a lot of damage it can take more damage if it reaches the edge of death.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object out of any weakness of champions who possess this item when they activate it. Ryze’s W skill closes in on the goals to which this skill applies, making it simple to attack your enemies.

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