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Counter Samira

Counter Samira

Samira is a champion who is both an elite shooter and a hand-to-hand combat champion due to her wide variety of target shooting and hand-to-hand combat skills. Samira is a complicated champion to oppose because of her broken skills, so the first thing we recommend is to block her from the champion selection to avoid the headache she can cause, however, if she is not banned, in this content we explain how to oppose Samira.

Champions counter Samira

Weak Against

Counter Swain Counter Senna
Counter Tristana Counter Lucian
Counter Ashe Counter Jhin
Strong Against

Counter Ezreal Counter Ashe
Counter Jinx Counter Aphelios
Counter Senna Counter Vayne


Whenever she is in melee mode and you are an ADC, keep your distance from her. A support with CC can help considerably to neutralize her. Supports with a lot of damage can also help a lot.



Thanks to Caitlyn’s long reach, she can avoid Samira to reach her very easily keeping the proper reach with her and, of course, being caught up by Samira’s hand-to-hand fighting skills.


Jhin can against Samira because of her good reach (although not as good as Caitlyn) and with a CC support she would have an additional advantage.


Speed as a support can keep her at a distance during the whole phase of the line due to the range and the tremendous damage she has.


Besides dealing with a lot of damage, she can also constantly pocket Samira, making her line phase much more difficult.


Aphelios is a champion who is on a par or better, is stronger than Samira in terms of damage and skills, so if you know how to use it, you can counter Samira.


The same as with Aphelios, with Kai’sa accompanied by a support like Yuumi or Senna you can easily beat Samira, because Kai’sa has a greater damage than the average ADC and accompanied by a support like those you can beat her without difficulty.


This is another that, if used correctly, can avoid being touched by Samira at all times.


The setbacks along with a support like Pyke can constantly take Samira by surprise and eliminate her with it barely reacting.


This with her ulna can, in team fighting, take Samira out of the reach of the allies when he uses her ulna, thus avoiding that she causes damage to those allies.


In case Samira goes to the midline, a good champion to fight her is Zoe, who besides having a good CC can fight her from a long distance receiving very little damage in return in the constant pocket that Zoe could do with her.

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