Counter Senna

Counter Senna

Senna is one of the most controversial League of Legends champions, by nature, of which she is a supporting champion, but at the same time may be ADC. Usually they use it as a support, but on some occasions Senna goes ADC or they are going to the support role is who ends up carrying for his high performance in the match. This guide explains how to do it counter.

Champions counter Senna

Weak Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Nami
Counter Leona Counter Brand
Counter Caitlyn Counter Braum
Strong Against

Counter Sett Counter Taric
Counter Morgana Counter Zyra
Counter Yuumi Counter Sona

Tips to fight Senna easily


The passive and shield of this champion in the company of another who has mobility or attack speed may make Senna’s life impossible.


Yasuo is a good counter from Senna, as just pressing the W key puts her wind wall that blocks her W and R ability, leaving her without much to do on numerous occasions.


Besides that this champion has a lot of sustain, in line, he has his Q that can hit a bubble for Senna, leaving her immobilized for a few moments and it is a very easy skill to miss Senna, since she is a champion with little mobility.

Senna’s counter items

Articles that provide serious wounds are very useful against Senna, as she with her skill “Lacerating Darkness” heals her allies and you can compensate this with articles of serious wounds, such as “Death Reminder” and “The Call of the Executioner”.

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