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Counter Seraphine

Counter Seraphine

In this content, we explain how to fight seraphin. The characteristics that make this champion stand out is that its strength is the shield it generates, its stun and its cure, so we have to think about countering these abilities to finally counteract it.

Champions counter Seraphine

Weak Against

Counter Brand Counter Braum
Counter Rell Counter Ashe
Counter Nami Counter Shaco
Strong Against

Counter Sett Counter Karma
Counter Xerath Counter Janna
Counter Rakan Counter Senna


  • Avoid staying behind the subs while you are on the track, because she will use her skills both to cultivate and to harm you, if you avoid grouping with subs she will have to use her skills in only one thing, either in the subs or in you.
  • Avoid team fights with other allies, because your ulti will stun your enemies; if you join your team, she will stun them all at once.
  • Using champions with mobility could help you a lot to dodge your skills, since all Seraphine’s skills are skills, so with a champion with a lot of mobility you will have a lot of ease to dodge your skills.



This champion is very mobile, so if you know how to use her, you can dodge Seraphine’s attacks and do damage in return.


Thanks to Fizz’s jump and his immunity, it is quite easy to fall on Serafina and avoid her stun when attacking her.


It’s not as contrary as the previous ones, but Zed has enough mobility to easily dodge the abilities Seraphine can throw on him and attack her.


If Seraphine is a support, one support that can easily fight it is Vel’koz, due to its wide range and its ability to pocket and harass at the track stage.


If you go as an ADC with a Seraphine support as a bot enemy, you can go with Caitlyn, because she has a lot of reach and can cultivate more quietly without pocketed Seraphine and even on the contrary, Caitlyn can end up pocketed with her and her support.


Lucian’s trait can easily avoid many of Seraphine’s abilities and with Lucian’s Q you can indirectly nudge enemies on the line without having to approach, as Lucian’s Q passes through lackeys.

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