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Counter Sett

Counter Sett

This content explains how to do it against Sett, who is one of the champions who is most broken in the top line. There are many ways to fight it, to tell you how to do it, you have to first analyze the skills of this champion and use champions that can prevent your skills.

Champions counter Sett

Weak Against

Counter Ornn Counter Volibear
Counter Wukong Counter Yorick
Counter Garen Counter Jax
Strong Against

Counter Yasuo Counter Cho'Gath
Counter Irelia Counter Jayce
Counter Fiora Counter Singed

Important tips to do the counter-a Sett

In the end, you have to meet the champion to learn how to fight it.


With Sylas it’s quite easy to beat him, as he has mobility skills with which you can easily avoid Sett’s abilities and at the same time attack him.

Dr. Mundo

Besides that Dr. Mundo is a super tank champion, you can beat him, because if you heal much more than him, you can resist his attacks and if you arm yourself with a lot of armor, I wish him 1v1.


With Jayce you can keep your distance without Sett stopping you and you can also with these basic pockearlo attacks and in case you get close with Jayce’s hammer you can deflect him.


Olaf can constantly harass him with his axe, not to mention that he is one of the strongest 1v1 champions in the top line.


Although at first it can be a bit difficult, Malphite is a champion who scales very well with articles of armour and with this well-armed champion it is difficult to win.

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