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Counter Shen

Counter Shen

Here I’ll be showing you how to counter the insistent Shen. This League of Legends champion is very good, as he has good skills and a great vigor that help a lot in the match. Shen and his R you can save an ally from the clutches of an enemy and you can also join a dive. But here I will give you some advice, and some recommended champions to put an end to this champion.

Champions counter Shen

Weak Against

Counter Swain Counter Kayle
Counter Warwick Counter Jayce
Counter Trundle Counter Yorick
Strong Against

Counter Camille Counter Kled
Counter Jarvan IV Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Fiora Counter Yasuo

Tips to face Shen

The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to ending Shen. If you have a lot of experience with some of the champions that I recommend you use it to finish with the easiest.


Swain can face Shen very easily and the best you can do is cancel his R with just one skill which is his W. Shen can’t do anything as he can poke a lot of Shen.


Jayce can also cancel the R of Shen with his hammer-shaped E ability. This champion takes a lot of advantage in line for his pockeo and can take a lot of advantage of a very easy Shen, thanks to his ability at a distance and body to body do him a lot of damage to Shen that can cause death quickly.


Trundle is another champion with excellent skills and a great attack speed and movement when he activates his W. the damage and neutralization can end Shen very fast as this is a nuisance on the line because basically nobody escapes him. He can also cancel Shen’s R when he takes his skill E (Ice Column).


This little one is highly recommended against Shen. Kennen only plays pokeo and full back, since Shen is slow this little one can win a very easy Shen. Kennen can cancel Shen’s ultimate with his passive. This passive when hit 3 times on a target with skills can be electrified (stunned) to what accumulates the passive.

Items that counter Shen

Rylai Crystal Scepter

Spells neutralized by 20% the speed of movement of the opponent. This item is very good against Shen, as a magician can use this item to further neutralise Shen, as we know that it is slow and thanks to this item Shen cannot reach or escape you.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item and removes all opponent’s control losses. If Shen gets this item he can save you from a delete on Shen’s computer. This item has to be activated quickly when Shen catches you with his E, to get out of this terrible situation.

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