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Counter Shyvana

Counter Shyvana

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Shyvana. This League of Legends champion is quite uncomfortable, as he has a great passive that increases his armor and magical stamina every time you kill a Dragon. In addition to the improvements that the Dragon gives her, she can also improve Shyvana thanks to her passivity. But here I will show you how to counter her Shyvana, with some advice and champions recommended to face her.

Champions counter Shyvana

Weak Against

Counter Ashe Counter Aatrox
Counter Teemo Counter Trundle
Counter Heimerdinger Counter Olaf
Strong Against

Counter Amumu Counter Rengar
Counter Nautilus Counter Rammus
Counter Wukong Counter Skarner

Tips to face Shyvana

The following champions are the most recommended to do the counter-a Shyvana.


The ability Q I Saw, which carries the fist to neutralize the enemy by causing tooth. This Q ability can help steal a Dragon or prevent Shyvana from entering with his ultimate. The W Vi skill is also another point in your favor against Shyvana, as it can destroy armor.


This champion can poke Shyvana without problems or leave her with her W, as it allows speed of movement. Teemo’s Q ability helps against Shyvana’s Q ability as it can blind and prevent her 2 fast attacks. Shyvana’s W skill burns and increases movement speed by 3 sg, but the W or R skill Teemo can help you.


This champion can poke or stop Shyvana from any attempt with her ultimate. The skill AND the R of Ahri help when Shyvana approaches with her maximum capacity. Ahri’s E skill allows a charm for enemy champions, leaving them in love for a while. Also R Ahri’s skill allows him to leave his enemies in 3 different areas. These skills can help steal a Dragon from Shyvana.


Ashe’s skill E can watch the Dragon at every turn, as it can be launched from a great distance and prevent her from doing so. Ashe’s supreme skill allows enemies to be stunned, and this is a good skill for Shyvana’s ultimate.


The Q Lulu skill can neutralize enemy champions with several seconds, helping to slow down Shyvana’s movement speed. The skill W or R Lulu can help a lot so that Shyvana doesn’t get close with his ultimate. Lulu’s W allows when an enemy is thrown to be transformed into an animal and R throws them into the air with the nearby enemies.

Items that counter Shyvana

The following items have to be used against Shyvana to have a better confrontation.

Black Cleaver

This item allows you to destroy the enemy’s armor and increase the speed of movement with each attack. Shyvana’s passive can increase her armour with each Dragon, but this item helps to reduce it.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object gives you a shield that resists magic damage in 300+1 damage. Shyvana’s W ability allows you to harm your enemies with magical damage every second. This item has to be used by champions body to body, attack damage.

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