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Counter Singed

Counter Singed

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Singed. This champion only runs, evenenando and throwing back the League of Legends champions. If Singed plays hard to get in the game, I’ll give you some advice and which champions to use to finish him off.

Champions counter Singed

Weak Against

Counter Kennen Counter Gnar
Counter Kayle Counter Jayce
Counter Vladimir Counter Elise
Strong Against

Counter Jax Counter Karthus
Counter Volibear Counter Irelia
Counter Zed Counter Kled

Tips to face Singed

The following champions are highly recommended. These champions have good skills that help fight Singed and finish him off easily.


Kennen also with his great pokeo puts you in Singed, leaving you in his tower. He also possesses a great ability, which gets away from Singed when he tries to jalar it backwards, which is his ability E. Kennen with his CC is very good at keeping Singed from approaching you.


This champion has good skills to fight Singed in his 2 bodies. If you used Gnar only pokea so that you can farmear and take much advantage of it. I recommend arming Singed well and making a good combination with your jungle when trying to gank.


When Vladimir is grabbing Singed back and getting into danger, Vladimir just activates his W. Vladimir also pokea to Singed and healing his life when he is exhausted. Singed can do nothing to Vladimir so he is highly recommended.


This champion pokea a Singed and can save herself with her R and W. Kayle has pokeo skills that is his AND healing skills that is his W. When Kayle sees that Singed try to approach is alone, you get a Q to neutralize him. Kayle with her R can save herself or a paper ally when they’re shot by Singed.

Items that counter Singed

of Malmortius’ fauces

This item helps prevent Singed’s magical damage when his champion is below 30% of his life. It is highly recommended for body to body champions with AD damage. This item will save you from Singed’s magic damage.

Thread of Infinity

As we know Singed is a tank, be the object of helping to cause more damage to it. This item makes your critical damage increase by 50%, being a good item against it. It’s highly recommended for ADC or critical damage killers.

Sword of the Ruined King

This item is very good against Singed. Since Singed is tank is very good against tanks and much more when you need to steal life on departure. This item also gives you movement speed and decreases your opponent’s movement speed.

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