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Counter Sion

Counter Sion

In this guide you will be showing how to counter the insistent Sion. This League of Legends champion can keep batting after he dies, thanks to his passive. In addition to continuing to help your team in battle when you die, you can catch your enemies with your Q or R. But as all League of Legends champions have their weaknesses, here’s how to show you what Sion is.

Champions counter Sion

Weak Against

Counter Morgana Counter Poppy
Counter Vladimir Counter Pantheon
Counter Trundle Counter Shen
Strong Against

Counter LeBlanc Counter Rumble
Counter Heimerdinger Counter Katarina
Counter Maokai Counter Talon

Tips to face Sion

The following champions have to be used against Sion to get a better match.


This champion makes a great counter to Sion, since he can avoid his ultimate or that, his Q. The skill that helps him tedious Sion is his E. Trundle’s E evokes a giant block of ice that can prevent Sion’s ultimate from passing. Also if this skill is released the moment Sion’s Q-charge, it can give Sion a side to cancel it.


This champion can avoid Sion’s Q, E, R or passive abilities with just using his W. Vladimir’s W ability puts him immune for a few seconds, giving him the advantage against Sion. You can also heal yourself if you don’t have this skill while Sion is on his passive, if Vladimir is moving away from Sione to the east with his passive skill E you can neutralize the speed of movement.


This champion can face her enemies, tanks, as they have great damage and excellent skills, which helps to deal with Sion. Vayne’s E ability can cancel Sion’s Q, or deflect him when he’s on his passive. Also using a quick R-Q combo can cause Sion not to reach her with her ultimate skill.


Nautilus’ passive can help cancel Sion’s Q, or stop him when he is on his passive. If Sion reaches the allied role of Nautilus he can release his supreme ability, to prevent asesinen.

Items that counter Sion

The following items have to be used against Sion.


This object makes you immune to the champion you have when you activate it. If you see Sionse sticking to your Q or sum ability, this object can prevent you from taking this CC and give you a chance to escape. It is recommended for role mages.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This object protects what it has the first ability that touches it. If Sion sticks his ultimate, this object can hold on to that ability and do as if I don’t pass anything. It’s also good for holding Sion’s Q from a bush.

Night Ridge

This item gives a shield to what you have when you are channelled. When you hear the ultimate noise of Sion, you can go channeling this item. When channeling this item and Sionchega into your ultimate, it cannot stun, as it puts you immune to the first ability that touches you.

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