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Counter Sivir

Counter Sivir

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Sivir. This League of Legends champion is an excellent drawer as she has very good skills against enemies and can also avoid the ADC terror that is CC. Sivir’s skill E allows a shield that can avoid any skill you will play, much better if you are a CC. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions can put an end to the Sivir.

Champions counter Sivir

Weak Against

Counter Akali Counter Twitch
Counter Draven Counter Dr. Mundo
Counter Hecarim Counter Kha'Zix
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Nautilus
Counter Rek'Sai Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Kled Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips to face Sivir

The following champions are the most recommended, to be able to face Sivir.


Sivir cannot defend himself against a basic Draven attack with his skill E, since Draven’s skill Q doesn’t affect like a normal skill, but rather is a bonus. Draven I recommend for his great damage.


Leona is a champion full of CC, as her skills catch enemies anyway. Sivir and his skill And could avoid Leona’s first skill, but would come a second that will not give a chance to dodge.


This is the jungle champion I recommend the most, so I can help his allies against Sivir. This champion has a great damage that can end up with a fairly easy paper champion and that can also evolve his skills. Kha’Zix’s passive helps a lot as when he is invisible he can harm his enemies with a powerful basic attack.

Dr. Mundo

This champion can annoy Sivir a lot, since his ability Q has very little freshness and can be repeated, to harm Sivir’s passive. The ability Q Dr. Mundo, can neutralize the enemies touched and cause a lot of damage depending on the life he has. Dr. Mundo is one of the most powerful tanks as he can regenerate his life with his R.


Kayle’s passive, decreases resistance and armor, each attack removes 3% and you can accumulate 5 times. You can also save Sivir or an ally, since you have a great immunity shield.

Items that counter Sivir

The following items have to be used in order to maintain a confrontation against Sivir.

Heart of Ice

This object decreases the attack speed of nearby enemies by 5%, thus allowing Sivir its W and ultimate ability, do not let it have its attack speed at 100%. It is very recommended for tanks, since Sivir is AD and this object is forged by armor.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Sivir’s passive, increases his speed of movement each time he attacks an enemy, but with this object will not be the same. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, grants neutralization to enemies touched by a skill that throws what it has.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. The ability Q of Sivir may be that at a moment cause death, but this object can help to avoid this ability. It is recommended for warlocks.

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