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Counter Skarner

Counter Skarner

Skarner but it’s not the most popular jungle, it’s one of the most robust that has League of Legends, so in this guide we’ll show you how you can do it against Skarner without much difficulty.

Champions counter Skarner

Weak Against

Counter Olaf Counter Morgana
Counter Ashe Counter Shyvana
Counter Cho'Gath Counter Gangplank
Strong Against

Counter Warwick Counter Riven
Counter Vi Counter Lee Sin
Counter Katarina Counter Mordekaiser

General tips to fight Skarner

Lee sin

If you weaponize a tank with Lee sin, it won’t be Skarner’s goal and having Lee without a tank weapon, you can use his ulti to keep him out of reach of his allies, preventing Skarner from using ulti on his allies.


It is an excellent support to keep your computer protected from Skarner’s direct attacks, since using Janna’s Q and R well, it is impossible for them to touch the allies you are protecting.


One of the best jungle that can make you counter her Skarner, since He with his pillar can avoid the gankeos with ulti that can try to perform Skarner.


With this ADC you can keep protected with the traps of possible places you can enter Skarner, and Caitlyn has his ability to shift and slow that can help you escape Skarner without much difficulty.


Morgana can stop dry when she goes straight to gankear his line, making him lose time and Q de morgana, along with his well can take the shield, making it lose its speed of movement that gains with it, another detail is that Morgana has his shield, which can use it to protect an ally of the ulti of Skarner.


Lulu can transform Skarner the moment you try to get close and assuming you can’t and Skarner adheres to the ADC are your ulti, the ADC still has high chances of being saved by the protections you can use Lulu with the ADC, which are Ulti + shield + Solari + Redemption.

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