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Counter Sona

Counter Sona

In this guide you’ll be showing me how to counter her Sona. This champion is one of the most complete champions, which has League of Legends, since his skills have great damage, mobility, healing and CC. But as all champions have their drawbacks against the others here I will show you what they are to finish her.

Champions counter Sona

Weak Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Leona
Counter Graves Counter Draven
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Zyra
Strong Against

Counter Janna Counter Twitch
Counter Vayne Counter Jinx
Counter Nunu Counter Lulu

Tips for countering a Sona

The champions below are badly needed to take down Sona.


This champion can take Sona very easily to help him in his murder. Amumu’s passive damage champions with real damage, if he is hit by magic damage. Sona will not have much advantage against Amumu as you can catch her and do her a lot of harm. You’re recommended in the jungle to make Sona your home.


This champion can go on without being stopped by Sona, as her W ability blocks any damage that is released. If Fiora throws her W in the direction of Sona, when she throws her R she can be arthurred. Also, Fiora’s R gives her speed of movement when she’s within range of her ultimate so she can finish off Sona.


Although this champion has a lot of damage against champions roles like Sona, he also has skills that can help avoid the R to this one. Zed has different ways of avoiding the R of Sona, which are (W and R). W is a shadow that is thrown in one direction and if pressed again it replaces the shadow with Zed. The R has to be thrown at the exact moment, since it immunizes Zed in the air giving Zed the opportunity to avoid this ultimate.


Draven’s W ability grants speed of movement and it may be that Sona faye her R. Also Draven’s E ability may neutralize Sona when she tries to escape with her E.


Sona’s weak even being arrested by Blitzcrank. This champion when he takes his Q to Sona and then throws all his skills to prevent this throw one. The Blitzcrank combo doesn’t allow him to do anything to Sona, let alone let her get close to his allies.

Items that counter Sona

The following items help to confront Sona.


This object immunizes what you have when it is activated, it also does not allow what you have to throw anything while you are in the function. When Sona tries to launch your R, this object can be a great help to avoid this ability.

Of Malmortius’ fauces

This object provides a shield to what you have when you reach 30% life, giving you resistance to any kind of magical damage. If Sona goes full AP this object can help you resist all that damage and avoid your death.

Banshee fleece

Veil grants a shield that carries the first skill that is thrown to the one it possesses. If Sona tries to make a combo, the first skill that touches the one that has this item will give you more vigor, since this combo will not be complete.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item removes all CC that is touched to what you have when it is activated. If in a Sona situation you get your R, this object will help you get out of this terrible situation of just using it. It is recommended for ADC champions or killers, so they will not be arrested.

Executioner Call

This item diminishes the healing of the enemy when it is struck by the one who possesses it. If Sona tries to cure an ally or herself, this item will not allow that cure to be greater. This item is very necessary against full support.

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