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Counter Swain

Counter Swain

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Swain. This League of Legends champion is a problem when you come across him as he can regenerate your life with his ultimate. Besides regenerating life, you can also neutralize or catch your enemies with your Q and W skills. But here I will show you how to end Swain.

Champions counter Swain

Weak Against

Counter Syndra Counter Anivia
Counter Tristana Counter Xerath
Counter Viktor Counter Brand
Strong Against

Counter Teemo Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Shen Counter Ahri
Counter Illaoi Counter Talon

Tips to face Swain

The following champions are the most recommended against Swain.

Lee Sin

This champion is the most recommended jungle, so he can face Swain without any problems. Lee has no excellent skills to face Swain, such as W and R. Lee Sin’s W skill can help him to avoid Swain’s Q or W skills. Lee’s ultimate can’t take Swain away, so he can’t keep regenerating his life.


This champion has a great passive that can destroy Swain without problems, also has a great ultimate that is tireless against Swain. Olaf’s passive increases his attack speed with every % of his life that he lacks. Olaf’s W ability also helps to regenerate his life, being a good point to destroy Swain.


Swain against Anivia’s abilities will never be able to get close, since if he tries it is either the catch with his Q or he stops with his W. Also Anivia’s ultimate help Swain loses life and is slower than before, since if he is arrested, he cannot heal himself with his ultimate.


This is the ADC champion I most recommend against Swain, as she can attack from a good position and defend herself with her W or R. Tristana’s W ability helps her avoid skills that she wants to throw Swain. Also Tristana’s ultimate prevents him from approaching as it is a cannonball that propels him back.


This champion can help give you a great peel when it comes to an enemy Swain. Ready can take Swain out with his W or stop him with his Q, to prevent him from healing with his ultimate. These skills can help keep Swain in one area so that the allies of Record what they end up in a good position.

Items that counter Swain

The following items have to be used against Swain to have a good match.

Executioner’s call

This item gives serious injuries to enemy champions when they are hit because they own it. This item can help the ultimate Swain to heal, as the serious injuries of the Ultimate Swain decrease by -50%.


When the enemy champions reach -35% of life, the enemies receive serious injuries. The serious wound helps Swain not recover with his ultimate. It’s very necessary for warlocks, who come up against Swain.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any stun or neutralization, which is granted to the winner, who has it when activated. Swain and its Q or W abilities inhibit and block the enemy champions from it. It is highly recommended for champions like ADC or assassins.

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